Friday, March 27, 2015

Charlie is seven

How can my first little baby be seven years old??  I don't know where the years have gone.

Charlie is such a sweet boy.  He is a friend to everyone at school.  When new kids move into his class, I get an update from the teacher, because I communicate with the parents occasionally as room parent.  I have asked him about the new student, and he assures me he always invites the new kids to play with him, or if he ever sees classmates sitting alone, he invites them to play.

Charlie is a good big brother.  He and Felicity fight a lot.  But he really loves her.  Hannah, however, he worships.  He would do anything for that baby, I suspect.  He does frequently remind me though, that he has ENOUGH BABY SISTERS and he would like a baby brother, please.  Today he actually specified that he would like a baby brother this year, please.

He is a good reader.  He has to read several books from class each day (4-5), which he does, but he is quick to read to a sister when I need everyone out of my hair for a few minutes.  I grabbed a couple of books to put in Easter baskets a few nights ago when Greg and I were out shopping alone for once, and Charlie had somehow found the bag before dawn the next morning, and came running in to ask if he could start reading it.  We have read the kids a few chapter books (some Roald Dahl, a couple American Girls books, and the first Boxcar Children), but this (The Magic Treehouse) is the first chapter book he has been reading on his own, and of course that always makes a mama proud.

Charlie loves apples, graham crackers, and buying school lunches.  I always tried to fight him to pack a lunch, but guys, I have given up.  It is just not expensive enough for me to deal with.  I am ashamed.  But not enough to pack lunches.  Also, random side note, Charlie mostly won't eat at anyone else's house than mine.  Once a week while he is at the babysitter's because I am working, he stays hungry after school until I come home, at which time he throws himself at my feet and proclaims starvation.

He got a two-wheel scooter for his birthday, which is his pride and joy, along with his kendama (the random toy of the moment, which he and his sister hosted a lemonade and cookie stand to earn the money to buy).

This boy is just adored by all of us.  Happy 7th birthday, sweet boy!

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