Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 Our sweet Pippa dog, on the day she came home.

We are so sad to report that our dog isn't with us any more.  On Christmas she got out, and somehow made her way out of our neighborhood, and got lost.  There was a sighting a couple days later a few neighborhoods over by a jogger who saw our posters, but when we went over there after he called, we couldn't find her.  I walked that neighborhood a hundred times in the last two weeks, and she just isn't to be found.  I don't know if she got picked up, or... what.  She is microchipped, and we checked shelters, craigslist, and even subscribed to a service where they alerted people via email, but nothing at this point.  We are starting to tell the kids that she might not come home.  We feel pretty devastated.  Losing a pet is like losing a part of your family.
I have a little anecdote which is in no way helpful, but it's strange, and interesting, and definitely part of the story.  Christmas Day is a long day for littles, which so many treats and family members and so much excitement.  And, meal and sleeping schedules are off.  So, it wasn't a surprise to me when close to dinnertime, about 5pm, Felicity started to struggle a little bit.  Out of no where, she started crying that she missed Pippa.  I explained that we would be finishing dinner at Grandma H's house and then we would go home and see her, and maybe play with some of her new Christmas chew toys.  Felicity was satisfied with that, and we moved along with our evening.  We got home about 7:45pm, and Pippa was gone out of our backyard.  We put the kids to bed and looked around the neighborhood, but couldn't find her.  The next morning, when we were canvasing again, the neighbor told us he saw Pippa leave the neighborhood out the gate (we live in a gated community) at about 5pm.  Just a weird coincidence.  I'm also sad because I actually thought that morning about bringing her to Christmas, as several other family members bring their pets to the grandparents' houses, but I hadn't previously asked, and with everyone else doing it, I didn't want to add to the chaos more than I already do with my troop.  Anyway, it's just a lot of sad feelings I am sorting through.

I wonder if I ever wrote how she got her name on the blog?  Probably.  But here it is again:  in the months before we got the dog, Prince William married Kate Middleton, and she and her family were all over the news.  Her sister Pippa was mentioned a few times, and I commented to Greg that I thought Pippa was a cute name.  Naturally, he completely disagreed with me, and we would occasionally argue about it, for fun.  When we brought home our dog a few months later, Greg immediately suggested the name Pippa for her, to preempt me from ever suggesting the name for one of our future children.  ;)

 She was the best dog for us, and we will love her for always.


Amanda said...

So sad! I'm very sorry for your loss.

Melanie said...

So sad! Our dog passed away in June and it is so hard to lose them. They really are part of the family.