Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quick, before Thanksgiving, here's Halloween

We made it to Bates, an annual tradition.
 We barely eked out carving pumpkins this year.  It was bedtime, the night before Halloween, but we stayed up late and made it happen.  Greg, ever the artist, carved his and the kids.  Charlie drew his out on paper and Greg executed, and Felicity just called for which shapes she wanted.  I did mine, which I was proud of.
 Greg - Charlie - Felicity - Rachel
 Greg trick-or-treated with us, but he wasn't home when I was trying to get pictures, and he didn't dress up anyway, so you just get us four.  I was a cowgirl, but Charlie took my hat earlier in the day, and I never got it back on.
 Emmet (from Lego Movie) - Kitty - Elsa (from Frozen.  Like you didn't know.)

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Kiersten said...

Your kids' eyes in those pumpkin patch pictures are AMAZING.