Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Felcity, Recently

This girl.

Here she is practicing for picture day.  Not sure how they turned out, but she did smile for me.  And she basically let me do her hair the way I wanted.
 Felicity was dressed for the day in whatever, and then I went and got dressed in a blue striped shirt, and a few minutes later, she came down in outfit #2 (not actually an uncommon thing), and we matched.  We even went grocery shopping in matching clothes.  I'm sure passersby thought I was a special kind of weirdo, but it made her pretty happy.
 The other night for Family Home Evening, we talked about ways to base our choices on the teachings of Christ.  Greg drew several illustrations for it, and then the kids added some of their own.  Here is Felicity's drawing of prayer.
 Felicity's preschool doesn't do traditional Halloween with costumes or anything like that, but they do a sweet little harvest festival with a few different booths, face painting, and a cake walk.  She won some pretty impressive owl cupcakes that looked like they belonged on pinterest and got kitty-faced.
 She enjoyed her first field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I had to attend and I had a doctor's appointment, so we basically cut to the front of the hay ride, and then jogged through the corn maze, grabbed a pumpkin and a picture, and headed to the babysitter's.  I felt kinda bad hustling through her fun time, but she enjoyed it either way, so I guess it was fine with her.

Charlie's school had a harvest festival, and sis was dressed as one of one million Elsa's.  They did a little costume contest, grade by grade.  When they called Kindergarten, Felicity ran up and did her best princess smile (I guess) and somehow WON the contest!  I didn't even know she was doing it, I just saw her afterward with the prize.  I had to laugh that she somehow won with the least original costume of 2014, but I certainly understand her powers of charm.  (Plus, the prize was a bag of kettle corn and a free coupon to chickfila.  Score.)
 She sang with her Wee Sing group at a retirement living facility on Halloween.  They love singing for the "grandmas and grandpas."
Our little Flissy has been fun as always lately.  She definitely keeps us on our toes. 

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