Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Charlie, lately

 This biggest child of mine doesn't love to be captured on camera like his littler sisters, but I occasionally get a snap or two of him.
The other day he was asking for a treat, "pleeeeeeeeeeeez."  This was the please face.
He is still doing great in school.  He is reading a ton (the books they send home are easy, I admit, but it's still pretty thrilling to see your eldest child pick up a book and READ it!)  He is also doing well in spelling, and working on his math.  We are also working on paying closer attention when writing, because he routinely puts certain letters and numbers backward.  He knows he does it, but just doesn't take the time to fix it or do it right the first time.  His teacher doesn't give too much homework, which helps, because even when he has to go back and work on it again, he doesn't get overly frustrated.  They learned about voting at school the other day, and he was very eager to have me go vote.  The conversation went as such: "Hey, mom, are you gonna go elect?  WAIT!  Are you old enough?"  Ha!!
He is singing in a music class once a week, and they are prepping for some Christmas concerts.  He tried out and got a duet part in one of the songs, and he is very proud.
Greg and I recently got released from our church assignment as his primary class' teachers, and he was so disappointed, he cried the whole Sunday.  His new teachers are very sweet though, so he is over it.  Plus he still sees plenty of me, with my new assignment (more on that later).
This boy loves to take care of his sisters (especially Hannah), play outside, read, ride bikes, stack cups (whatever keeps them occupied, I guess) and eat sweets.  He dislikes cleaning, putting his shoes away, and using kleenex (kids are weird).  I'm a big fan.

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