Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flissy's First Day of School

My little sweet pea started her second year of preschool (next year will be kindergarten).  She likes her teacher, and her class is mostly boys, but she enjoys it.  (She frequently complains about the ratio of boys to girls, but one of the little boys is her princess dress up partner, so I guess it isn't really cramping her style too much.)
When I drew the apple on the chalkboard for the first day of school picture, Felicity asked me why there is an apple where it says first day of school.  I explained that it sort of represents school and teachers, because kids used to give their teacher an apple on the first day of school.  She gasped and said "poisonous?!"  Her mind is always going.
The other day I was talking to my mom over the bluetooth in the car, which puts her on the speaker in the front seats.  After a few minutes, Felicity said "mom, can you just get off the phone?" so I did.  She said "I like my grandma, but I really like songs."
I am home during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday most weeks, and there is no school Tuesday or Thursday for Felicity, so every morning she pops up and declares the day a girl's day.  She frequently writes a list of things to do, including snuggles, costco, getting ice cream, watching Sofia the First, and other dream outings.  We usually end up doing at least a couple of things on her list, since she lets me add our errands.

Charlie's First day of School

Here is my sweet boy on his first day of first grade.  His teacher, Miss Harris, is so sweet.  She's what you picture when you picture a first grade teacher.  The other day he had forgotten his backpack, so I took it to school on my way to work.  She actually wears a microphone during school so that her sweet little voice can be heard.
So far, he is doing great.  He has gotten 100% on his spelling tests so far, and has been working hard on his math skills.  He is reading lots of books, and we are working on handwriting.  The other day in the backseat he said something about raindrops, and then said "hey, that's a compound word!"  I know it's sappy, but I can't believe my little baby boy knows so much.
Most of his friends from church and from his class last year are in other classes, but he seems to have some new friendships springing up.  Every week or so he comes home with a "character counts" award, which is basically a little slip of paper awarded by a teacher or aid for good behavior around school.  The other day I asked him what he got it for, and he said it was because he had to sit against the wall (recess time out) for horseplay at the tables.  I asked him how a time out got him a character counts, and he said he and the other kid were supposed to sit there for two minutes, but the aid forgot about them.  The other kid went to go play after a little while, but Charlie stayed on the wall for the whole recess.  Sort of an ironic reason to get accolades, but he was pretty proud.

Lemons are yummy.

The bite.

The recoil.

Easter 2014

Hey... just found this little gem.