Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hannah update

Hannah will be ten months old next week!  She is getting so big and is so sweet.  She recently loves vocalizing.  She loves to squeal and screech.  No one can make her laugh like Charlie.  She has two teeth and two more nubbins.  She is easily startled.  She loves to eat leaves outside.  She doesn't crawl terribly adeptly, but she has this mode of travel that gets her around: she can sit up from a laying or crawling position, so she will crawl one or two strides, and then she will sit up in the direction she is trying to go.  Then she will reach toward where she wants to go, lay down, roll perhaps, do a crawl or two, and then sit up again.  It's funny to watch.  Most especially she loves to travel around in the walker.  Charlie sets up speed bumps to prevent her from getting into his wii game.

The other day she was fussing longer than normal before her nap, so I went in, and she was standing in her crib!  Since then, we lowered the crib, and she pulls herself up on everything.  Including her lower crib, now.
 She has the biggest eyes.  And she makes great faces.
 We have a high chair that hooks onto the table, and to save space, we stick it at the foot of the table with a chair underneath it.  She has her feet out through the high chair, but she stands on the chair during all meals.  It's hilarious.  We keep telling her we will give her food, she can sit down, but she insists on standing.

 Her grumpy cat face.
 It made me laugh to see tiny girl at the big table.
I had to go to the doctor and had to drag all the kids with me.  I had brought a container of the little puffs she likes to eat, and also Felicity is addicted to them.  Hannah was getting fussy, so Felicity decided to help her out.  She forcefully opened the tin, and instead exploded all the puffs and the whole inch of powder at the bottom all over Hannah.  I just had to laugh.  And shook her off over the floor.  (I couldn't wipe it off with baby wipes because then it got wet and turned into puff mud.)
I managed a quick snap before I got her all cleaned up.  I try not to be the weirdo who takes pictures instead of taking care of business, but sometimes, I can't help myself.

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