Sunday, August 17, 2014


My cousin came over to take some pictures of my kids, and Felicity was moderately cooperative.

My girl is growing up so much!  She's so happy, and helpful, and sweet, and smart.

 She did the Wee Sing group, and they performed on the 4th of July.  It was hot as heck, but the kids did awesome.  A lot of older people had gathered under the tent, and they especially loved the patriotic songs on the program.
 This sister worships her siblings.  Whenever I give her a choice between two things, she always says "what is Charlie going to pick?  I want the same thing."  He doesn't always reciprocate her admiration, but he tries.
 Hannah though, does adore Felicity just as much as Felicity loves her.
 She has the most beautiful thick red hair, and it is sort of wasted on me.  I have about six styles in my repertoire.  However, a friend did it for her before church a few weeks ago.
 Some pretty shots from a beach evening.

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