Monday, June 23, 2014


Charlie had an awesome season of t-ball with the Padres.  Coach Doug was great, and he had a really good time, and I think actually learned a couple things about the game.  He waited each game to see if he had been awarded the game ball, and finally (after we mentioned it to Coach, who had accidentally checked him off the list as having received it) he got it on his last game.  He was so proud.

I was already kinda behind on laundry when I broke my arm, and it became nearly impossible to do with the break.  I couldn't carry the baskets, or even move the laundry from one machine to the other.  Greg stepped in and helped out (he helps out a lot, even when my arm isn't broken, for the record), but it wasn't in time to get this kid in uniform for one of his Saturday games.
I was still wearing the sling at that point, so at least people could guess I had an excuse.

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