Monday, June 23, 2014

So many pictures of Hannah from March through present.

Our little sweets is getting so big!  She has two bottom teeth as of today (can be seen in person, but maybe if you look very closely in the picture with the blue dress below, you can see one).  She attempts to travel through a mixture of rolling, army crawling, and the occasional knee crawl.
Her first time eating rice cereal.   Now she is eating all manner of purees, and a few small pieces of regular foods as well.
 Felicity.  Need I say more?
 With her sweet cousin Penny
 She is just such a delight.  So happy.  So sweet.  So easygoing.
When my arm was still preventing me from holding her very well, I toted her around in the baby walker between needing to lift her.  She wasn't tall enough to reach the floor, but it helped me in transport.  Now she is tall enough and she is still loving the walker.  She mostly can only move backward in it, but her siblings also oblige in giving her rides.

I have thought about getting a more serious baby carrier (since mine grow out of the cheaper baby carriers almost at birth) with all three children, but the heavy price tag has always given me pause.  I talked frequently with another mom from Felicity's preschool class about the carriers, because she had several, and one day, I found this carrier in Felicity's cubby, with a sweet note from her about how she had an extra.  How generous is that??  I LOVE it and so does little sis.

 She started sitting up around mid May.  Only a few faceplants.

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