Monday, June 23, 2014


I have been so behind, I haven't posted even since my girl's birthday!  I can't believe my little Flissy is four years old.  She is such a bright light in our lives.  For her birthday, she wanted to go to McDonald's, because Charlie loves McDonald's.  We got her to pick something she loves, which was Red Robin, and getting everyone to sing to her.
 Felicity loves to write her name, and she loves to draw.  She loves to count as high as she can go, which varies depending on her focus, but is usually around thirty five or so.  She is still seriously a mama's girl, and is always just underfoot, helping me with whatever I am doing.
 She made this delightful portrait and biography for me at the preschool Mother's Day event.
 She triumphantly finished out her first year of preschool with Ms. Heather and Ms. Theresa.  Next year she will attend three days a week.
 Do not ask me how, but my vaccinated girl got the chicken pox!  It's been slightly annoying, but mostly not too bad.  Her case is very mild (probably because of the vaccination), so we are definitely at best case scenario, but I just couldn't believe it.  Below is a doctor's office selfie while we were waiting for all the other doctors to come in (they don't see it that often anymore, so everyone wanted to take a look), and her cheerful attitude during recovery.  We are quarantined, but there aren't any kids on our street, so I have been letting her play outside as long as no one else is outside.
 She joined a singing group, and loved it.  Again with her dislike of wearing prescribed outfits, we debated strongly over this one, but her desire to perform won.  She also sang several solos in front of her class, and was always proud as a peacock.
 I make the active (sometimes difficult) decision not to argue with her about the crazy outfits she puts together, but it often leads to entertainment, if nothing else.  See below dots on dots with mismatched shoes, pumpkins in June, and two pairs of pants.  These are just some of her crazy wardrobe choices.
 We have struggled some with the terrible two's and tantrum-y threes, but I am happy to report that four has been going smoothly so far.  We are both working really hard on positive communication, and I am also trying to let as many things go as possible.  Ignoring the little things is a small price to pay for a little peace.  I love my girl so very much, and she is such a blessing in our family.

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