Thursday, May 8, 2014

I was always jealous how my brother has pictures of him holding his kids up like this, but we could never get our kids to do it.  (They are built more like bowling balls than my brother's kids.)  But we visited a friend, and he instantly popped Hannah up in the air, so I got a picture of it!


I got to chaperone this cute boy's school trip to the zoo.  Each parent had two children, and so Charlie and I went around with his friend Isaac.  He had a research project on the komodo dragon (yes, kindergarten research project), so we made sure to get a picture in front of his now favorite animal.  I learned a lot about these guys during his researching.  Did you know three out of four komodo dragons are males?  Makes you wonder how the species manages to maintain population.
She did her own hair the other Sunday... she took great issue when I told her she couldn't wear a crown to church.