Friday, March 21, 2014


I don't shop at Trader Joe's super frequently (boo, hiss, I know.  But in my defense, I am paralyzed by trying new things.  I have moved four times since living in this city, and I still frequent the grocery store that is right next to my first apartment here.  I'm just a weirdo.  Also: Trader Joe's is essentially next door to the store I go to, so I really have no excuse.  Anyway.) but there is a particular recipe I make that I have to get a few types of cheeses for, and I have to go there for the cheese.  So, every time we go, my kids stare longingly at the one kid's size cart that is taken by some other lucky child.  A couple weeks ago, dream realized, the cart was available.  And I didn't need a lot of items, so I didn't even get a cart, I just let her push her little cart, and select the things off our list.

Side note: Greg and I grocery shop together sometimes, and a lot of times we end up splitting up toward the end to divide and conquer whatever items we forgot that we've already passed.  Also a lot of times in the last five months, a baby is crying for a diaper change and/or food by the time we are done.  So I say "I'll take the baby, you check out, and I'll meet you at the car. 

So anyway (this is weirdly the longest story ever, but I guess it has a lot of background information), after we were done shopping and I was in the line, she who thought she was queen of everything after using her own cart said "um, mom?  I just have to get a few more fings.  I'll meet you at the car."  She kills me.

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tawnya said...

A. I miss that Trader Joe's of which you are afraid. Deeply. It was my first and holds a special place in my heart.

B. I miss that whole shopping area. Esp. Submarina. should have one for me.

The end.