Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A couple weeks ago I wondered when babies start rolling over (these are things you forget in between having infants), so I looked up when Felicity had started rolling over, and she was the exact age Hannah was when I looked.  So, I wondered when Hannah would start rolling, and I realized that I never put Hannah on the floor.  Like, never.  This is 90% because we live in a different place than we lived when Charlie and Felicity were babies, and this house is all tile downstairs, so I don't lay her down on the tile floor.  I put her in the bouncer, or the bumbo, or someone is carrying her around.  But I realized that I should probably put her down on the floor so she could learn to roll over.
Later that day, there was some brother on sister crime upstairs (and subsequent retaliation), so I left her on the floor and went to distribute time outs.  When I came back, she was on her tummy.  Apparently she learns quickly.

She wasn't rolling from her tummy to her back until yesterday, when she was laying on her tummy while I was running a bath for her because she was a serious mess with a diaper situation up the back.  She sensed that I wanted her to stay on her stomach, so she instantly learned to roll to her back.

The milestones for an infant are so funny, but they are weirdly exciting for the parent.  So, you get to hear about them.

And here are some pictures of little sister girl, for good measure.

Felicity took this selfie with her sister.  Cute/funny girls.  I have the best sister, and I am so glad my girls will have the chance to be best girlfriends someday (although I am prepared for a lot of fighting in the meantime...)

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