Friday, March 28, 2014

This girl loves a knock-knock joke.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Broken pencil.
Broken pencil who?
Never mind.  There's no point.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A couple weeks ago I wondered when babies start rolling over (these are things you forget in between having infants), so I looked up when Felicity had started rolling over, and she was the exact age Hannah was when I looked.  So, I wondered when Hannah would start rolling, and I realized that I never put Hannah on the floor.  Like, never.  This is 90% because we live in a different place than we lived when Charlie and Felicity were babies, and this house is all tile downstairs, so I don't lay her down on the tile floor.  I put her in the bouncer, or the bumbo, or someone is carrying her around.  But I realized that I should probably put her down on the floor so she could learn to roll over.
Later that day, there was some brother on sister crime upstairs (and subsequent retaliation), so I left her on the floor and went to distribute time outs.  When I came back, she was on her tummy.  Apparently she learns quickly.

She wasn't rolling from her tummy to her back until yesterday, when she was laying on her tummy while I was running a bath for her because she was a serious mess with a diaper situation up the back.  She sensed that I wanted her to stay on her stomach, so she instantly learned to roll to her back.

The milestones for an infant are so funny, but they are weirdly exciting for the parent.  So, you get to hear about them.

And here are some pictures of little sister girl, for good measure.

Felicity took this selfie with her sister.  Cute/funny girls.  I have the best sister, and I am so glad my girls will have the chance to be best girlfriends someday (although I am prepared for a lot of fighting in the meantime...)


We are not continuing with ballet classes (I think I've already mentioned about the angst that ensues when she is told what to do, including where there is a specific outfit she is expected to wear), but that doesn't make these pictures of her focusing any less cute.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Let's have matching hair, mommy!

Wish granted.


I don't shop at Trader Joe's super frequently (boo, hiss, I know.  But in my defense, I am paralyzed by trying new things.  I have moved four times since living in this city, and I still frequent the grocery store that is right next to my first apartment here.  I'm just a weirdo.  Also: Trader Joe's is essentially next door to the store I go to, so I really have no excuse.  Anyway.) but there is a particular recipe I make that I have to get a few types of cheeses for, and I have to go there for the cheese.  So, every time we go, my kids stare longingly at the one kid's size cart that is taken by some other lucky child.  A couple weeks ago, dream realized, the cart was available.  And I didn't need a lot of items, so I didn't even get a cart, I just let her push her little cart, and select the things off our list.

Side note: Greg and I grocery shop together sometimes, and a lot of times we end up splitting up toward the end to divide and conquer whatever items we forgot that we've already passed.  Also a lot of times in the last five months, a baby is crying for a diaper change and/or food by the time we are done.  So I say "I'll take the baby, you check out, and I'll meet you at the car. 

So anyway (this is weirdly the longest story ever, but I guess it has a lot of background information), after we were done shopping and I was in the line, she who thought she was queen of everything after using her own cart said "um, mom?  I just have to get a few more fings.  I'll meet you at the car."  She kills me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We started Charlie in TBall, and we are loving it!  They are so relaxed about everything and it lays to rest every concern I have about team sports for my sweet little non-competitive boy.  Every kid hits each inning (3) and every kid gets to first base.  The last kid hits a "home run" and everyone clears off the bases.
We are enjoying the time on Saturdays!

Birthday party

This sweet six year old had great celebrations for his big day.  It was on a Sunday, so he kicked it off right by getting sung to at church, which he was excited about.
Then we had some family over for dinner; I made his favorite spicy honey chicken, and cake.
 For his birthday party we borrowed my dad's projector and screen and we screened a movie (Despicable Me 2) with everyone.  We had personal pizzas (the kids topped their own) and a little concession stand where the kids got to pick out their candy and some popcorn.  At the very beginning when everyone was making their pizzas, it was CHAOS, and I was thinking I was crazy for inviting a million six year olds over for dinner and a movie, but it ended up being great!  We had a great time.  (Disclosure: we haven't taken down the screen or projector.  We've been screening movies together every weekend.  Dad might never get his stuff back.)
His gift was a two wheeler bike.  He has had a balance bike (the kind with no pedals) for a couple years, but he didn't ride it a TON... so I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go straight to the two-wheeler without training wheels, but he picked it up after just a couple days!  We are so proud of him.  He has been riding almost every day since he got it, and he is getting really good.