Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swearing In

So, do you know how many hoops you have to jump through to become a lawyer?  Like ten million.  One of them is passing an extremely detailed (extremely EXPENSIVE) background check.  It takes around six months, so you are supposed to submit everything about six months before you plan on getting your bar results.  The July bar results come in November, so you are supposed to pay for the background check (it's called the Moral Character Application) back in May.  But, it's expensive, and you just finished paying for law school, not to mention paying for the bar and the classes you take to help you study for the bar.  So, not knowing it takes six months, I said we should put off the Moral Character Application, which we did.  But then, his bar results came in, he had passed, but he couldn't be a lawyer until the application was approved.

Typically, everyone who passes the bar all go in and have a big group swear-in.  But, if your wife doesn't pay for the Moral Character Application on time, you can't go to the swear-in.  I was feeling kinda bad about it, but then his application came back approved, so we set a date for him to be sworn in.  A friend and former coworker of his did the motion and gave a lovely little biography about him.  (He included stuff that I had practically forgotten.  I forgot Greg had gotten the American Juris Prudence award for Estate Planning and Worker's Compensation!)

It turns out that not being on time and having to do your own private swearing in can be pretty fun.  It was just our people in the jury box, watching him be sworn in.  We are all so proud of our now officially-officially-official lawyer!

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