Thursday, February 27, 2014


 Nan is already four months old!  Here are some pictures of her from the last few weeks.
 At four months, she is 19 pounds, 4 ounces.  Charlie was 19 pounds at this age, and Felicity was 19 pounds, 7 ounces.  As you can tell, none of my babies are puny, but I think Hannah's is pretty significant considering she started out so much smaller than her siblings.  Charlie started at 9 pounds and was 19 by four months, but Hannie started at 7 pounds, so she had to make up for lost poundage, I guess!

She is the world's best baby.  She is so calm and so happy.  She only cries when her diaper is leaking (she even will stay cheerful with a soiled diaper for a little while when necessary, as long as it isn't leaking) or when she is hungry (you don't triple your birth weight by being shy about demanding milk).  She is a moderately good sleeper, and gives me a couple good long naps during the day, one or two short ones, and a pretty long chunk at night.  Mostly, she sleeps in the swing, or in my bed during the day.  I also bring her into my bed when she wakes up around 4am to nurse because its more convenient for me, and she loves sleeping with me, and I enjoy a little cuddle time, but I gotta break the habit, because I don't sleep as well.  She sleeps in the crib occasionally during the day, but I have a three year old who might never stop sleeping in the crib, so she is still without that option during the night (it's on my list of things to do).  She takes a bottle well and behaves for her sitters while I am at work.  She loves the bumbo, and has just started grabbing onto things, which is fun.  Her favorite thing to hold is, of course, my hair.  She hates the car, but tries to be good if we are on the freeway.  (Crml Mtn Rd is her nemesis, with the thirty million stoplights.)

Her siblings absolutely worship her.  We have tried to do a little special time between one of the parents and each of the kids every month or so, and Felicity begged to have Hannah come with us on hers (just a little errand).  She loves her brother and sister too. 

She loves being stood up on your lap to see the world, sucking on her fingers, being sung to, and nursing.

We adore our little Hannah Hope.

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