Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My little girl is quite the force to be reckoned with.  I spend a lot of time just getting through the days with her.  A friend of mine explained it best when describing her own daughter: "I am just so very out-willed."
The thing that gets me through is remembering how she is going to be such an amazing adult.  If we make it that far.

Anyway, she is a most beautiful girl, as you can see, and she is also smart, funny, and unexpected.

Grandpa Phil gave her sashimi  for the first time last week.  She asked if she could have it, and he said "sure!" and handed it over.  She immediately spit it out.  I asked her if she liked it.  She said "It looked like an orange.  But it was NOT like an orange."

She started ballet.  It is touch and go, because getting ready in pre-approved clothing is a challenge for her, (and, honestly, she doesn't like not being the teacher) but I think she mostly enjoys it and is having a good time.

After a tantrum, I sent her to her room.  She said "Like always.  day, night, day, night, room, room, room, room, room."   Hello thirteen-year-old me.

She loves to draw.  This picture is of her Aunt Stacy.  She also of late loves to make this weird face in pictures.

Flissy gave her first talk in church a week ago, and did a great job.  Hearing her own voice in the microphone made her a little giggly, but she did a good job.

She likes to help.  Any mother of a small child knows how much help they are.  But as she was sitting there watching the cookies mix, she just looked so serene, I had to take a picture.

Getting dressed in the morning is often a challenge because she requires four (FOUR) choices of shirt, pants, underwear, and socks.  I'm serious.  Even if it's four identical pairs of white socks, she's gotta choose them.  I'm over it, it's just easier this way (see above: out-willed.) 
This particular day she chose an outfit that didn't match, and included two inches of bum showing in the back when standing still.  (I should note that for some reason, her bottom peeking out of her pants is a major button for me... drives me nuts.)  After I had been reminding her all day to PULL her pants UP, I finally said "if I see your bum again today, I'm getting rid of those pants!"  (I know, I'm ridiculous, who cares?  But it was really bugging me.)  She proceeded to walk backward away from me for like an hour, so I couldn't see her bottom.  She kills me.


Lauren said...

I adore this little sass.

Megan and Jonny said...

Okay, I know this was posted forever ago, but that line about being out-willed is GENIUS. I used it on Jon to describe Catherine and he laughed out loud. These girls of ours...what did we get ourselves into?