Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here are my peeps just before we headed out for Grandma's for Thanksgiving.  Two, to give you a little taste of how things go around here.  (The second picture was taken after a bribe.)

Hannah got quite sick a week and a half or so before Thanksgiving.  Since the holiday and everything would make it so I wouldn't be able to take her in for five days, I decided to take her to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon, just in case.  Poor little monkey had RSV.  She was really miserable, and she stopped breathing in the night a few times (so I wasn't well rested either, because I was staying awake to make sure she started breathing again every time).  We were really rather blessed, because it could have been much worse; we were able to keep her hydrated enough to keep her out of the hospital, and she never turned blue with the breathing problems.  Almost all kids get RSV, so it is pretty common; the reason it was extra scary with our little Hannah is because she is so young, and you are apparently supposed to take fevers extremely seriously in the first couple of months.  Anyway, the worst days were right around Thanksgiving, so we were blessed there too, because Greg had some work off and so we were able to tag team the whole "keeping Hannah in oxygen" thing, so the sleep situation wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Before the diagnosis of the ultra-contagious virus (oops), I took this picture of my little sweets during one of our several days of Netflix while everyone convalesced.  (Charlie and Flissy both had colds/ear infections around the same time.)

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