Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spencer's Wedding

It's not every day your little brother gets married.  I was so happy to get to watch this sweet boy fall in love with a darling girl, and eventually get to see this!
We haven't gotten the real pictures back, so most of what I have is pictures of my kids and their cousins while we were between wedding activities.

Hannah's face in this first one makes me laugh.
 Girl cousins, in matching dresses.
Avery has always been great with the babies.  I have a picture of her holding Felicity around this age... but Avery was only about four herself!  Love my first little niece (on my side of the family).
 Greg was the DJ at the wedding, but Felicity went behind the table to ask him to dance at the Bakersfield reception, which was terribly sweet of her.
 At the Murrieta reception, Greg did the asking.


Amanda said...

I can't believe Spencer is married! Also...he's looking more and more like Ken.

*Janae* said...

Your little people are so darling in their little wedding outfits! Seriously, when I am in CA in May, can I see you? My brother is getting married over Memorial Day weekend, so I should be in the Orange County/LA area for around 5ish days

Cathy Vargas said...

Those pictures are beautiful, congrats!

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls

Rachel said...

@Amanda, you should hear him talk. Blindfolded, I couldn't even tell them apart.
@Janae, YES!!