Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preschool Christmast Pageant

Felicity performed in her Christmas pageant.  Since she was in the younger class, she wasn't in the main nativity area, so I couldn't get a good picture during the performance, but she had a little halo on (possibly a bit of irony?  But actually she is by all accounts a complete delight for her teachers) and sang her little heart out.
 After there was a little party, and she got to have a visit with Santa.  He asked what she wanted for Christmas, and she said "a toy for my brother, Charlie."  Precious.
I made toffee for her teachers, and she made them Christmas cards, complete with signature.  She can't spell her name on her own yet (she knows it starts F-E, and she knows the last letter is a Y, but she forgets the in-between letters), but if I spell it out for her, she writes it pretty darn well for a three year old.  I have to remind her to start at the left side of the page (as in the card on the left), because left to her own devices, she starts in the middle of the page, gets halfway through her name, and then finishes the rest of the letters on the other side of the F (as in the card on the right), but I am still very proud of her writing skills!

Hannah came to cheer her sister on, and was completely darling in her Christmas outfit.

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Stacy said...

they don't call Hannie Lloyd Christmas for nothin!