Friday, January 10, 2014

Hannah's Blessing

We blessed Hannah on January 6th.  It was a lovely day, with lots of family.  I had two little parties, since people were available at different times, so I had a crepe bar before church, and then a dinner afterward.  I cooked for like two days, but the food was good.  =)
So, for anyone less familiar with the customs within our church, we don't do baptism at birth (children are baptized at 8, or whenever you join the church after 8.  Greg, for example, was baptized at 13), but we do an ordinance called a baby blessing, where the father actually performs the ordinance.  Greg asked my dad, my brother Spencer, our bishop, Bishop Mendenhall, and two friends, Miguel Miller and Buzz Bradley, to join him in the circle, and he gave a lovely blessing to our sweet Hannah, that she would know how much she was loved, and that she would continue to be a blessing and a calming influence on our family, and on the world.  He gave her sweet blessings, and did a wonderful job.  After that, he gave a lovely testimony about his faith in eternal families.  Glad I've got this one!!

Hannah was a little sick with some RSV remnants, so I couldn't get her happy enough to take a very good picture, and the light wasn't great after church (we get out at 4 now), so I said I would put her back in the dress and take better pictures, but I haven't managed yet.  You may remember the dress from Felicity's and my blessing.  My sister wore it too, so it's seen lots of sweet little babies.

It was a big Sunday for Felicity too.  She went to Primary for the first time, as a Sunbeam.  I teach the five-six year olds, so I am in the room when all the kids are together until they break out to separate classes, so I got to watch her a little.  She was so proud to sit in with the big kids.  She did plenty of participating, too.  Her current favorite word is "ugh" (drives me the tiniest bit crazy, but it was kinda cute at first), and she says it after she doesn't get called on (which is most of the time, since she raises her hand for EVERY SINGLE THING possible and they have to give other kids turns!), but by the end of the class, she was saying it while her hand was still up, in anticipation of not being called on.  She did get called on a couple of times, and she was so proud.
It was also a special day for Charlie, because he gave a lovely talk (did you know Mormons start their kids public speaking at age 3?  They only give the talks in front of the other kids, until 12, when they start doing it in front of the whole congregation.  But it's kinda a cool concept, and probably serves them later in life.  I would certainly say it has me.) and also was important to him because
this year, Greg and I are his teachers.  He has been looking forward to this for literally 365 days, and has asked me every Sunday for a year if it was time for him to be in my class yet.  I had reservations about his behavior with us as his teachers, but he was so excited, it was hard not to find it sweet.  And he was totally perfect, so that's great.

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