Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year we had the newlyweds over.  I haven't done big productions for Christmas Eve most years, since my kids are little and they didn't even know what was up, but since we were having our friends over, and since my kids were really excited about Christmas this year (and since we weren't reeling from Greg being in finals, unlike the last three Christmases), I tried to make it fun.  I made a huge batch of gingerbread and tried to make gingerbread houses, but the template I made was enormous, and they ended up being more gingerbread cathedrals, and too huge to be held up by frosting.  We did our best though.  And we all wore pajamas (matching for my kids; I love matching pajamas for Christmas), and had breakfast for dinner, and then went and saw beautiful Christmas lights.  It was really crowded, because we went to the big show around here, but while in the traffic we let the kids out to roam around the car.  At one point, all but Felicity's feet were out the window, so we had to lay down some more specific rules about the greeting of the passers by.  But, even with the bodies in the car, both Felicity and Charlie's heads were hanging out the window saying "Merry Christmas!" to everyone.  They were so sweet.

Aunt Alexi did Felicity's hair, so cute!
Hannah wasn't loving the traffic, but she joined me in the front seat while we were looking at the lights, and that helped.


Stacy said...

LOVE flissy's hair. and i wish you mentioned that the matching jammies were drop bottom.

Stacy said...

Also: gingerbread cathedrals, BAHAHAHAHA!!! I DIE!!!

Kiersten said...

Cute! Felicity's hair is gorgeous! And for some reason my computer is being weird and not letting me comment on your other posts, but your new SIL's wedding dress is GORGEOUS, and your little Hannah is just about the cutest thing ever!