Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year we had the newlyweds over.  I haven't done big productions for Christmas Eve most years, since my kids are little and they didn't even know what was up, but since we were having our friends over, and since my kids were really excited about Christmas this year (and since we weren't reeling from Greg being in finals, unlike the last three Christmases), I tried to make it fun.  I made a huge batch of gingerbread and tried to make gingerbread houses, but the template I made was enormous, and they ended up being more gingerbread cathedrals, and too huge to be held up by frosting.  We did our best though.  And we all wore pajamas (matching for my kids; I love matching pajamas for Christmas), and had breakfast for dinner, and then went and saw beautiful Christmas lights.  It was really crowded, because we went to the big show around here, but while in the traffic we let the kids out to roam around the car.  At one point, all but Felicity's feet were out the window, so we had to lay down some more specific rules about the greeting of the passers by.  But, even with the bodies in the car, both Felicity and Charlie's heads were hanging out the window saying "Merry Christmas!" to everyone.  They were so sweet.

Aunt Alexi did Felicity's hair, so cute!
Hannah wasn't loving the traffic, but she joined me in the front seat while we were looking at the lights, and that helped.

More of Spencer's wedding

 Love these two darling people.  Congrats Spence and Alexi.  Love you guys!

PS: Alexi designed her own wedding dress.  To die for!

Ice Skating

I have wanted to go ice skating forever.  Greg is never into it.  But on New Year's I suggested it, and he finally gave in.  He held Hannah while I took the kids onto the ice (I went once about 5 years ago, so it was only my second time), and it may not have been my best idea ever.  Two small people clinging to my legs while I tried to move around the rink as a novice myself was slightly terrifying.  But I got all the way around (I think the first circle took about 20 minutes) without any of us hitting the ice!  And then I changed our method.  I took one child at a time around the ice, holding both their hands, while the other watched with Greg and Hannah.  It worked well, and we actually had a great time.  
(Next time though, we are going to a rink that has the little PVC pipe walker things.)

Friday, January 10, 2014


I posted on our anniversary 8 unique things I love about my husband, but that wasn't our only celebration.  My mother in law came and watched the kiddies, and we went to dinner and a movie!  We ate at Carnitas Snack Shack (extra romance points for restaurants that have the words "snack" and "shack" in them) which was delicious (have the steak sandwich, and the fries with aioli sauce), and then went and saw the new Hunger Games movie (also, super romantic, right?  But Greg especially wanted to see it, and it was great).
The above picture is in Rite Aid while we were getting movie candy.  It was the best lighting we had while on our date, since the snack shack is for real a shack, so you have to eat outside behind the shack, and the movie was obviously dark.

Love this guy.  And I don't think I have mentioned his most recent amazing achievement on the blog: this boy passed the California Bar Exam!!!!  I am so, so, so, so proud of him, and his crazy hard work.  Now we just wait for his background check to be finished (it's not only wildly expensive, after paying for wildly expensive law school and the wildly expensive bar exam, but it also takes like six months, which is ridiculous in the internet age, but whatever.  Greg's theory is that they have to pretend it takes six months to justify how expensive it is.) which should be any time now, and then he will be sworn in.  In the meantime, he is working in the firm, especially on drumming up new business so there will be plenty to do once he is officially a lawyer, and he is working as a paralegal of sorts under his mom's license as well.  Check out the website he built, using mainly tutorials on youtube!

Cheerfulness is....3am

 At least for some people.

Hannah's Blessing

We blessed Hannah on January 6th.  It was a lovely day, with lots of family.  I had two little parties, since people were available at different times, so I had a crepe bar before church, and then a dinner afterward.  I cooked for like two days, but the food was good.  =)
So, for anyone less familiar with the customs within our church, we don't do baptism at birth (children are baptized at 8, or whenever you join the church after 8.  Greg, for example, was baptized at 13), but we do an ordinance called a baby blessing, where the father actually performs the ordinance.  Greg asked my dad, my brother Spencer, our bishop, Bishop Mendenhall, and two friends, Miguel Miller and Buzz Bradley, to join him in the circle, and he gave a lovely blessing to our sweet Hannah, that she would know how much she was loved, and that she would continue to be a blessing and a calming influence on our family, and on the world.  He gave her sweet blessings, and did a wonderful job.  After that, he gave a lovely testimony about his faith in eternal families.  Glad I've got this one!!

Hannah was a little sick with some RSV remnants, so I couldn't get her happy enough to take a very good picture, and the light wasn't great after church (we get out at 4 now), so I said I would put her back in the dress and take better pictures, but I haven't managed yet.  You may remember the dress from Felicity's and my blessing.  My sister wore it too, so it's seen lots of sweet little babies.

It was a big Sunday for Felicity too.  She went to Primary for the first time, as a Sunbeam.  I teach the five-six year olds, so I am in the room when all the kids are together until they break out to separate classes, so I got to watch her a little.  She was so proud to sit in with the big kids.  She did plenty of participating, too.  Her current favorite word is "ugh" (drives me the tiniest bit crazy, but it was kinda cute at first), and she says it after she doesn't get called on (which is most of the time, since she raises her hand for EVERY SINGLE THING possible and they have to give other kids turns!), but by the end of the class, she was saying it while her hand was still up, in anticipation of not being called on.  She did get called on a couple of times, and she was so proud.
It was also a special day for Charlie, because he gave a lovely talk (did you know Mormons start their kids public speaking at age 3?  They only give the talks in front of the other kids, until 12, when they start doing it in front of the whole congregation.  But it's kinda a cool concept, and probably serves them later in life.  I would certainly say it has me.) and also was important to him because
this year, Greg and I are his teachers.  He has been looking forward to this for literally 365 days, and has asked me every Sunday for a year if it was time for him to be in my class yet.  I had reservations about his behavior with us as his teachers, but he was so excited, it was hard not to find it sweet.  And he was totally perfect, so that's great.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preschool Christmast Pageant

Felicity performed in her Christmas pageant.  Since she was in the younger class, she wasn't in the main nativity area, so I couldn't get a good picture during the performance, but she had a little halo on (possibly a bit of irony?  But actually she is by all accounts a complete delight for her teachers) and sang her little heart out.
 After there was a little party, and she got to have a visit with Santa.  He asked what she wanted for Christmas, and she said "a toy for my brother, Charlie."  Precious.
I made toffee for her teachers, and she made them Christmas cards, complete with signature.  She can't spell her name on her own yet (she knows it starts F-E, and she knows the last letter is a Y, but she forgets the in-between letters), but if I spell it out for her, she writes it pretty darn well for a three year old.  I have to remind her to start at the left side of the page (as in the card on the left), because left to her own devices, she starts in the middle of the page, gets halfway through her name, and then finishes the rest of the letters on the other side of the F (as in the card on the right), but I am still very proud of her writing skills!

Hannah came to cheer her sister on, and was completely darling in her Christmas outfit.

Spencer's Wedding

It's not every day your little brother gets married.  I was so happy to get to watch this sweet boy fall in love with a darling girl, and eventually get to see this!
We haven't gotten the real pictures back, so most of what I have is pictures of my kids and their cousins while we were between wedding activities.

Hannah's face in this first one makes me laugh.
 Girl cousins, in matching dresses.
Avery has always been great with the babies.  I have a picture of her holding Felicity around this age... but Avery was only about four herself!  Love my first little niece (on my side of the family).
 Greg was the DJ at the wedding, but Felicity went behind the table to ask him to dance at the Bakersfield reception, which was terribly sweet of her.
 At the Murrieta reception, Greg did the asking.


Love, love, love these people.  No tears for Santa this year.  Felicity was a little nervous, but I told her she could just watch, and then she hopped right on.  (New parenting strategy for her?  Must consider.)

Two Months

 Little sister turned two months December 17th.  I can't believe it!  She is a delightful little human, and the perfect addition to our family.  She has been a little more serious than her brother and sister, so smiles are reserved for more special occasions (although wiggling her chin usually does the trick for photos), but she is just the sweetest little pipsqueak, and she is starting to get a little more interested in the goings on.  She adores her brother and sister, and never cries, regardless of how they assail.  She coos, and gives the cutest little sigh after sneezing.  She loves to eat, and is an excellent sleeper.

She was 13 pounds, 10 ounces (for the record, a mere 2 weeks previously, she was 11 pounds, 6 ounces.  So she is packing on the pounds!), which is the 92nd percentile, and 23 inches, which is 73rd percentile.


Here are my peeps just before we headed out for Grandma's for Thanksgiving.  Two, to give you a little taste of how things go around here.  (The second picture was taken after a bribe.)

Hannah got quite sick a week and a half or so before Thanksgiving.  Since the holiday and everything would make it so I wouldn't be able to take her in for five days, I decided to take her to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon, just in case.  Poor little monkey had RSV.  She was really miserable, and she stopped breathing in the night a few times (so I wasn't well rested either, because I was staying awake to make sure she started breathing again every time).  We were really rather blessed, because it could have been much worse; we were able to keep her hydrated enough to keep her out of the hospital, and she never turned blue with the breathing problems.  Almost all kids get RSV, so it is pretty common; the reason it was extra scary with our little Hannah is because she is so young, and you are apparently supposed to take fevers extremely seriously in the first couple of months.  Anyway, the worst days were right around Thanksgiving, so we were blessed there too, because Greg had some work off and so we were able to tag team the whole "keeping Hannah in oxygen" thing, so the sleep situation wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Before the diagnosis of the ultra-contagious virus (oops), I took this picture of my little sweets during one of our several days of Netflix while everyone convalesced.  (Charlie and Flissy both had colds/ear infections around the same time.)


I feel like my Felicity might be the sassiest human around.  She is so smart, so sweet, so much.  I like her.  And I just never know what's going to come next.  Anyway, the other day I asked her to put clean undies on.
I should have been more specific.