Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Picture Sneak Peak

Everyone always takes the picture of the family walking, and I suppose it is because it is supposed to be natural, although I must say I have never naturally walked down the train tracks holding hands all in a line (we usually hold hands in pairs, so as to be less of a walking barricade).  So, while I might usually laugh a little at the stereotypical family picture pose, I have to say, I like this one of my sweet fam.  We had our family pictures taken recently for our Christmas cards (if you suspect you are not on our Christmas card mailing list and would like to be, please let me know; I imagine you know what we look like and what we are up to, if you are a regular blog reader, but I personally like to have a tangible card that I can post up in my family room with the other cards, so I am keeping the sending of the cards tradition alive, at least for now).  Our photos were done by the talented Judy Cook, and here are a few of the shots (that didn't make it onto the card).

The colors in this photo.  I die.

 Judy's specialty is newborn shots, so she used a couple of her props and snapped a few of Hannah.  She is five weeks old here.

This guy drove me crazy the whole shoot, winning the prize for least-cooperative (he kept opening his mouth as if he were taking an enormous bite of something every time we told him to smile.  OH, the little turkey!), but all that is just a memory when you're looking at his sweet face.

With my girls. 

Charlie is his daddy's number one fan.  He wouldn't move to the assigned location for the group picture we were trying to take, because he wanted to stand next to his dad.  So, she just took the pictures with him where he wanted to be.  Flexibility: the key to dealing with the five year old.

At some point, Judy finally just told Felicity to open her mouth all wide, so at least they would be matching, since Charlie wouldn't just smile.


*Janae* said...

Super cute! And you look FABULOUS post-Hannah!

Lauren said...

that picture of hannie is perfect. I'm dying.

Amanda said...

I think Felicity and I have the same top.