Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some updates

I took these sweet shots of my little girl when my SIL had the backdrop set up for Hannah's newborn shoot.  She had done her own hair for church, and had borrowed one of her cousin's dresses because the one I had brought with us was not twirly.  (Fancy girl problems: 15 dresses in the closet, will only wear 3 of them, because church dresses must twirl.)
This little girl is such fun.  Since her birthday is in the first half of the year (and since she speaks with the vocabulary of a seventeen year old), she is older than a lot of the kids in her preschool and church nursery classes, and she loves "mothering" (read: bossing around) the other kids.  She also has a predilection for informing.  She comes home from friend's houses, church, and school, and gives a full report of all the kids who were naughty.  She also informs on her parents to the other parent when we do something that isn't to her liking.  Her teachers just love her.
Felicity is wanting to help with everything.  She is helping cook (she occasionally makes her own PB&J for lunch, all by herself.  This is not a mess-free situation, but we all appreciate her efforts), always great with her chores, and always thinking of others.  One recent funny thing she is doing is getting very concerned about our dog, Pippa, when we go somewhere (like to the grocery store or something).  She occasionally cries because she is going to miss Pippa so much while she is gone.  It's sweet (when it doesn't cut into our trying to leave the house).
This girl is a great big sister!

My two monkeys, enjoying an especially warm day for November.

Charlie's school does a morning assembly type thing every Friday, to which parents are invited.  It's usually nothing big, so Greg has gone a couple times, but I hadn't made it yet (since Greg typically takes Charlie to school on Fridays).  However, they did a special on on Halloween, complete with a costume parade of all the kids.  So, in my first ever outing alone with all the kids, I packed the girls up, took Charlie to school, and stayed for "Friday Flag" (it was on a Thursday in this case, but the alliteration wasn't there).  I couldn't hear too much of what was going on, but they were calling up kids who had had a birthday that week (every child gets a pencil for their birthday.  How sweet is that?) and various other recognitions, and all of the sudden, they call up Charlie from Mrs. E's class.  That's my own boy!  I hadn't heard why they were calling him up, and I asked some of the people around me, but no one else knew either.  They presented him with a wrapped gift/prize, and he went back to his seat.  After the assembly was over (complete with the parade and a surprise "Thriller" performance by the 4th and 5th graders that was actually quite good), I went over and asked him and his teacher what it was for, and he had won the coloring contest for Red Ribbon Week, which had been the week before.  He turned in the entry just a few days after I had come home from the hospital with Hannah, and I was still out of it enough to not even know he had submitted an entry.  I was SO proud of my guy, because usually he doesn't seem to enjoy coloring that much (I think he prefers drawing, but until fairly recently, neither one has been his first choice of activity) and he doesn't usually do a very careful job.  However, he had tried to do his best work (a catchphrase from his Kindergarten teacher) and he won!  His prize was a pack of markers and a sketch book.  Between he and his sister (who DEARLY loves to draw and color), the sketch book was filled in just a couple of days.  I was so proud of him for trying something new and getting recognized in front of the whole school.
I was volunteering in Charlie's class once a week for a couple months (before Hannah came) and I got to see him in action in Kindergarten, and it helped me see how well he is doing.  He still has a rough start sometimes in the mornings (he got it from me), but in class he is a sweet, happy, smart boy.  Recently I was running late picking him up, and then got caught behind all the traffic of the parents who pick up their kids in the loop, instead of us Kindergarten parents who park in the nearby neighborhoods so we can get our kids from the Kindergarten waiting area.  So, all the other kids in his class had been picked up, and he was waiting for me in the office (this sounds more dire than it was.  There were other kids in there, he wasn't abandoned or anything, I was only like seven minutes late).  When I got in there, I got him, and he got very upset.  I told him I was so sorry I was late, and I would try not to let it happen again.  He explained that he didn't care about me being late, but his teacher had gone back to her classroom and he had wanted to give her a hug.  Now, I should mention that the Kindergarteners are supposed to "check out" with their teachers when their parents/caretakers come; usually the kids give their teacher a high-five so that the teacher can see for sure they are being picked up by someone who is supposed to be picking them up.  Charlie, however, hugs his teacher, every day.  We had to basically stalk his poor teacher - who had just finished being in charge of 27 five year olds for six hours, so I am sure she was thrilled to be tracked down - to find her so Charlie could give her his hug.  He kept saying "how will she know you came if we don't go find her??"  She is the best, and we all just love her, but especially Charlie.
Charlie worships his baby sister.  He literally never walks past her without kissing her.  He is great at holding her sitting down, and is recently wanting to master the art of picking her up and taking her from point A to point B, but that skill is still being heavily supervised.  He tells anyone who will listen that he has a new baby, and loves to show her off when he is with her.  He has begged on several occasions to let her sleep in his room with him, which is an offer I have considered, especially some nights, but so far I'm taking care of the night feedings, so I am not sending her in there yet. ;)

Our blog has been heavily weighted in the Hannah direction lately, so I wanted to give some updates on my other little sweethearts.  But, I can't pass this little happy Halloween-er up.
We are all doing well; healthy, happy, and enjoying the newborn moments.  I will write a segment on Hannah, having three children, and, probably, post even more pictures of her soon.  Of course, we just adore her, so we think taking 45 pictures a day is totally reasonable, so I have a lot of her to post.  =)


Amanda said...

I also sometimes cry when I leave the dog.

Lauren said...

I respect Felicity's need for a twirly dress.