Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A billion Hannie pictures

I can't take just one.  I can't.  I've tried.  These are the minimum number I could pare it down to.  This baby is so much fun.  I feel like it is a combo of a lot of things: experience, life station (aka no husband gone at school at all hours, and no serious PPD issues, as with my last), older kids who are able to help, and also who are off at school occasionally, so I get some one on one time... etc.  But I am seriously honeymooning with this baby.

This is one laid back human.  While all three of my babies are absolute loves of my life, I think the cheerful behavior I am witnessing regardless of the circumstance is pretty much a novelty.  It is well received around here.  The following sentence was uttered by an older sibling (hint: a sister) earlier in the week: "oh no, mama, I'm not poking her eye.  I'm FEELING her eye."  Yikes.  But baby girl has no complaints.  She is worshiped by her brother and sister, and she doesn't even mind when the worship takes a slightly violent turn.  As I type, I am sitting with her completely stuffed nose, holding her up because she can't breathe.  It's 2am.  And she's just looking at me, giving the occasional smile, and not a peep of complaint.  I'll take it.  =)  If I've been gushing about this girl (especially if you've talked to me in person in the last several weeks), I apologize, but seriously.  It's love.

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