Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Utah

Because it is funny, here is my girl, when we discovered she was pants-free at Temple Square.
The little people at the game.  They had a good time cheering.  There were a few serious yellers near us, but happily, no one was profane or rude, really, but partway through the game, Felicity leaned over to me and said "mama, what does 'hate' mean?"  Haha!  Apparently someone hated someone else, although I am not sure if it was red or blue who was yelling about hate.
I think I mentioned before that we were there on my birthday weekend.  We didn't really do much of a big celebration, but we were together and had a nice time, which was just great for celebrating for me.  We did go over to Boondocks (a family fun center/arcade) in the afternoon of my birthday, and we attempted to take a picture of all of us, even though it didn't turn out great.  In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous gourmet dinner with some of our dearest friends, so it was a birthday win.  The picture below of Felicity and me was not taken in Utah, but I took it because she kept calling me "birthday girl" for like a week after my birthday, and it was so cute and sweet that I wanted to document it, and this post is a good spot for it, since my birthday celebration is being discussed.  =)

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