Thursday, September 19, 2013

Misc. Summer

So, I got a few takers on the whole "I read your blog" thing, but everyone is right, the blog is a fun personal history so I shouldn't care even if no one reads it (and those of you that do, hey, thanks, a little validation goes a long way!)  I don't really treat my blog as my journal; I put in little anecdotes here and there, but unlike some of my family and friends (whose blogs are a lot more fun to read, I must say), I feel like I don't end up putting a lot of stories about what we do, mostly just pictures.  So, I guess I can't really say I am keeping my blog just for myself (I do write down the things my kids say, mostly because I find them brilliant, fascinating, and hilarious, but not everyone can be expected to feel that way about my children), but it IS fun to go back and look at old pictures and see the occasional story I include in my blog.  So, for now, I shall persevere.  And in a few weeks, I'll have another darling human needing a whole mess o' pictures taken, so that might put me back into the mode.  With iPhones/instagram, part of my problem is that I don't take that many pictures with my camera anymore, and I don't want to be annoying and post my instagram pictures on here that people have possibly already seen once (or twice, for the occasional instagram picture I put up on facebook), but I'll do it occasionally.

Anyway, a few things we got up to this summer:

My kids helped uncle Spencer propose to Aunt Allie!  We love them, and my kids were happy to be involved.  When I call Allie Spencer's fiance or girlfriend though, Charlie disagrees.  "They got married, mom.  I was there.  I held the sign."
(Actual wedding will be in December, but Charlie figures his authority is pretty much enough.)
 We swam pretty much every day we could this summer, but as part of our week off after Greg took the bar, we went to a local small water park.  Felicity and I could have laid in the lazy river the whole time, but it was pretty crowded and chaotic, and really not that lazy, so eventually we moved to other areas.  The play structure was a win, except that Charlie went to the top and then got nervous to get down.  We shouted up instructions for about 20 minutes before I just climbed up there and got him, because this was getting ridiculous.  (Oldest children.  Sigh.)  But after the great rescue, he went up and down with no further incident.
 We also went to the beach (I think this brings us to twice this summer... NO THREE TIMES!  San Diego Mother of the YEAR!  But we also went a bunch of times for bonfires, and the kids played in the sand plenty, PLUS the aforementioned daily pool trips, so I am not going to feel guilty) where Felicity attempted to recreate a Beach Boys album cover.  (I begged her to carry something else, such as her bucket and shovel, because what kind of dweeb do I look like, making my 3 year old carry the boogie board while I carry 2 ounces of plastic, but whatever.  She does what she wants.)
 And Charlie had his first of certainly many first day name tags that used his first name instead of the preferred middle name.  He is sweet, and said "it's okay, Mom, I like Gregory too."  I feel bad about this lifetime affliction of going by the middle name, but I was overruled in the naming process, and there isn't much I can do about it now.  ;)  Really, it isn't a big deal.  I mentioned it to the teacher at the "meet the teacher day" (I was one of about nine parents who had to do the same thing for a poor child with the middle name affliction), and it was all fixed by the next morning to start school.
The alarm clock (AKA my cell phone) that wakes me up in the morning plays the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and I take it in his room and stick it next to his face to wake HIM up.  The other morning he was particularly cheerful (this was mostly due to his upcoming status of "king" in the classroom that day), and he said "Mom, sometimes kids at school miss their mommies and daddies.  Maybe I should take this phone and play this song for them so they can remember to be happy."  Very cute, especially if I pretend it wasn't at least partly so he could steal my phone and play angry birds to his heart's content.
Also cute: on the same day he was the king, I asked him after school how it was to be the king.  He said "It was awesome, but I can't tell you about it."  I asked why not, and he said that he didn't want to brag because it might make others feel bad.  HA!  (Greg had told him not to brag about it that morning, I guess.)  I told him that it doesn't count as bragging to tell Mom or Dad.  Love that boy.


Melanie said...

Gregory Charles is actually a very regal name! My brother goes by his middle name, but he doesn't even have a first name. It's just an initial. At least you did t do that!

Desiree M. Mondesir said...

Dearest Rachel,

I'm stealing your kids. They're too cute to not be stolen. Tell Greg I've got them so he doesn't have to worry or scrounge up some ransom price. Of course, I'll take it, if he's that intent on giving it, but no forcing on my part ;).

Love you guys!!


tawnya said...

I love the picture of her with the boogie board. Adorable!

Amy said...

Charlie kills me. He is the best.

Amy said...
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Nicole said...

we just got back from San Diego last week........ my kids were at the beach for hours and were so upset we had to leave. I guess when 'Utah Lake' is as 'beachy' as it gets around here, they're thrilled for some real waves. Can I just move in with you for a month every summer???

Amanda said...

OH MY GOD!! You're brother got engaged!? This is rocking my world.