Friday, September 13, 2013


My little boy started KINDERGARTEN!  Funnily enough, when I wrote down all the details on our chalkboard (by the way, some people thought this was in his new classroom and it isn't.  It's in our playroom!  It's one of my favorite things about our house), I wrote the date down wrong.  He started August 21, not August 22.  So when I realized (aka my cousin mentioned to me after seeing the picture), he was already at school, so I could have retaken the pictures, or just left it, because really, who is going to know looking at this picture in his wedding collage that he didn't ACTUALLY start school on the 22nd?  No one, that's who.  So it will just be our little secret.

So far we are having a little bit of a transitional time getting used to things (all of us I think), but I am pretty sure that while he is at school, he is loving it.  His teacher says he is right on track to start reading soon, and I am most excited.  They actually sort of count reading a page that has a picture of a flower that says "A flower" as reading (at least a very first step of reading), and they have already started doing that with the kids.  Apparently Kindergarten is different from what it was back in the day, when it was about social skills and included naps.  They are doing math and reading already, and when the full day starts in October (it's 4 hours per day right now, and will be 6 hours after October 1) they will add in science, PE, and whatever else they do in school these days.

As far as the transitional period goes, basically we are just having a much grumpier boy.  Charlie is not a morning person (neither is Rachel, just FYI), and school starts at the CRACK of 7:45 in the morning (and you have to leave the house by 7:10 because the traffic is horrendous and you aren't allowed to drop the kindergarteners off, you have to actually walk them up and then wait at the tables with them, because the kinders also can't play on the playground before school with all the bigger kids, for liability reasons) and I am pretty sure that 80% of our issues are stemming from the fact that we are all waking up in the first half of the six o'clock hour, and no one except Greg is happy about it (Greg wakes up then anyway, so he is tickled to have company during breakfast, which used to be an every man for himself until after 8:30 or so, when I would deign to prepare things for people).  Felicity is actually a morning person too, but 6am is a little early even for her, so she is adjusting too.  We are seeing little hits of the old cheerful Charlie, so I am pretty sure that child still exists.  I am pretty sure he will come back to us around September 30, at which time he will have to adjust to a longer day, and will become grumpy again.  He is also trying to adjust to going to school 5 days a week, especially after our summer of serious laziness, and by Friday when we wake him up his face says "what?  AGAIN?!"  I think we are getting through it though, and since apparently buying lunch is the coolest thing he has ever heard of in his life, we have a pretty good system where buying lunch at the end of the week is earned by having a good attitude in the mornings all week.

Also... I joined the PTA.  I think it might be the moment more than any other in my adult life that has made me feel like a grown up.  (I am also considering running for PTA President next year, so I can get the reserved parking spot.  Because, seriously, the traffic is bad.  You other parents at this elementary school know what I am talking about.)

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Amanda said...

You have a kindergartner. I feel old.