Monday, June 17, 2013


I have liked to get family pictures done twice-ish a year since we started having kids, because I am not that great of a photographer, and it is fun to see our family as it progresses.  However, some of my photographer friends have retired, or dramatically slowed down the amount of shoots they do a year, and most of my other ones are sort of expensive, so during law school, it has been something that has been pulled from the budget, at least for the mid-year shots.  However, even though I have no raw talent and almost no training, I have a pretty nice camera that takes pretty good pictures just on it's own, so I decided to try and take the kidlets to the park and get some shots of my newly minted three year old (she wasn't cooperating alone, so I took some of both of my sweets).

Dude.  The camera was on the wrong setting.  I am trying to get over it.  But here are a couple that turned out okay-ish.
The tragedy is that these exist, but so overexposed they are pretty much beyond saving.  They would have been so cute.  Sigh.

As Greg points out, I can always try again another day.  But it's a lot of effort to have two children clean at the same time on a day other than Sunday (heaven help me in October), so we will see when (if) it happens.

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