Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flissy is three

My darling girl had her third birthday on May 11.  She knows her birthday (if you see her, ask her, because she says it pretty cutely), but lately has been asking if she can tell people its just "all May."  She's a chip off her aunt's block.

On the day, I had a baby shower to attend out of town, so I took her with me so I didn't have to ditch out on her on her birthday.  Daddy and brother were at the Father-Son campout.  We enjoyed ourselves on the loooong drive through LA and at the party, and at the only-slightly-less-long drive home (remind me to never besmirch San Diego traffic again.  Driving in LA is like passing through the nine circles of hell.)

When we came home, we had her gifts (a cash register and a shopping cart) from us and Charlie, and then we went to her choice of restaurant, Souplantation.  We told them it was her birthday, and people kept bringing us packages of the Souplanatation cookies.  We went home with three bags.
My sweet girl loved her birthday.  We love her to pieces.  She is so smart, and sweet, and funny, and beautiful, and sassy, and difficult.  She keeps us all on our toes, and keeps us smiling.

Here she is, ready for her birthday butterfly tea party, which we had a couple weeks later.  My sister, in grand tradition, took 181 pictures of the party, so I'll do a separate entry for the party.
Love, love, love that girl.


Melanie said...

I really want a giraffe shirt! Do you think I could pull it off? Eh. Probably wouldn't look as cute on me.

Stacy said...

of course she can say all of may. it IS her birth month!!!! i also love that we are pretending that 181 is a lot of photos..... compared to how many i usually take, that was a quick snapshot........ hahaha.