Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I always knew I made a good call marrying Greg.  We bug each other and stuff, but seriously, we are glad to be stuck together.  We haven't seen him so much lately (well, I see him, but he leaves before the kidlets wake up and gets home after they go to bed 5-7 days a week, so they don't really), so it was a treat that he ditched the first couple of hours of class on Father's Day (yes.  He had school on Father's Day.  Don't get me started.) so he could join us at church.  Love this guy, and love the Daddy he is to the littles.  Happy Father's Day, sweets!

PS: Our Father's Day breakfast was poptarts.  Because we can have pancakes anytime, but I never buy poptarts.  I stand by my decision.

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Tristen said...

These posts make me feel homesick for you guys. Hope we can get together soon! And yes, four kids is rocking my world, I can get absolutely nothing done these days. All the more reasons to play with cousins!