Sunday, June 16, 2013

Butterfly Tea Party

Since brother started planning his astronaut party in like, December, Felicity has talked about what she wanted to do for her birthday for about as long.  Literally six months ago she said she wanted to have a butterfly party, and she hasn't wavered since that time.  I feel impressed by her ability to know her own mind at two and three!
 We did a relatively small party, since she is still pretty small.  Four friends from church, plus an aunt, an uncle, and a brother.  For the food I mostly kept it simple with some berries, cheese and crackers, little PB&J finger sandwiches cut like flowers, and apples cut like butterflies.  (I also made tiny cheesecakes, which were mostly for the adults, because there is no use wasting them on small people with inferior taste buds.)

We started out with a little butterfly coloring, as we were waiting for our friends to come.  We also had little butterfly wings for each attendee.
 Our second activity was a chrysalis race, where we wrapped the girls in cocoons.  I saw it online, and it was a cute idea, but some of the kids were pretty freaked out by the concept.  Not the most fun they ever had, poor little girls. 

 Then pinata.
 My girl.

 Opening gifts.
 I love how at this age, opening presents is a team sport.  Little friends.
 Some reading.  (She has been sleeping with that card since the event.)

 Her most beloved nursery leader dropped by in the afternoon after the party, and brought her a most wished for toy horse.
 Allie and Spencer made her purple goop (pictured above in the top picture).
 We love our little family.

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Absolutely darling!