Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beach Insta

I am no friend of the beach's.  I find it cold and sandy.  We don't go super often, but my kids had been talking about it for a few days, so I promised that I would take them.  (I was hoping they would see what the beach really was, and lose their taste for it, because by the way they were talking about it, I could tell they thought it was more of a pool situation.)
Anyway, we went - I in long pants and a sweatshirt, by the way - and it was a glorious day!  When we got there it was a little chilly but not freezing, but within a half hour, the sun came out and it really warmed up.  I even ditched the sweatshirt.  And with three reapplies of sunscreen to my poor little whities, they even escaped without any sunburn!  (I got a one, sort of painful, but it barely even peeled.  Annoyingly, I am back to white white white skin.  I am not dying for tan skin by any means, but the discomfort of the burn might as well have given me a little color, if just to prevent me from burning next time.  Whatever.)
They didn't go in the water a ton, but they had a wonderful time in the sand, and we went to La Jolla Shores and sat right next to the playground, so we spent some time over there as well.  My cousin came with us and she played and played with the kids in the sand (thanks!).  I guess I will tentatively take back my bad attitude about the beach.  I'm still not gonna wear a bathing suit though.  Brrrr.


Stacy said...

felicity's hat. i die.

Stacy said...

whenever i see "whatever." in written form by either myself or you, i think miss piggy in a christmas carol. and i'm pretty sure i'm right.

Rachel said...

Absolutely right.