Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I always knew I made a good call marrying Greg.  We bug each other and stuff, but seriously, we are glad to be stuck together.  We haven't seen him so much lately (well, I see him, but he leaves before the kidlets wake up and gets home after they go to bed 5-7 days a week, so they don't really), so it was a treat that he ditched the first couple of hours of class on Father's Day (yes.  He had school on Father's Day.  Don't get me started.) so he could join us at church.  Love this guy, and love the Daddy he is to the littles.  Happy Father's Day, sweets!

PS: Our Father's Day breakfast was poptarts.  Because we can have pancakes anytime, but I never buy poptarts.  I stand by my decision.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preschool Graduate

My little guy finished up preschool last week.  He had a very sweet little class with several friends from church, and lots of sweet new friends (only one of whom is going to the same elementary school with him, but it was still fun to be friends for this last year). 
 This was his teacher's first year teaching preschool, and she said she was especially attached to this first class.  I was maintaining a reasonable amount of distain for the concept of a preschool "graduation" until she said "since they are my first class, they all promised to invite me to their college graudations."  Unreasonably, and possibly due to pregnancy hormones, that made me tear up a little.  I can't believe my little guy will be in elementary school this year!
 Ms. Monica (assistant teacher) and Ms. Leema were wonderful.
Felicity also loved Charlie's teachers, and would give them hugs each morning when we dropped off and picked up.  She wanted a picture as well.  While she will be attending the 3 year old class at Charlie's school next year, she will not be happy to find out that they won't be her teachers (they teach the pre-K class.)

I don't know what you are supposed to know for kindergarten, but Charlie can write all his uppercase letters, some lowercase, count to and write the numbers 1-40, a tiny bit of simple arithmetic, and some sounding out, but not full-on reading yet.  Most useful in our lives is the fact that he knows the days of the week and the months of the year, because he asks me every day when ___ is happening,  and then I can tell him the day (or the month) and make him figure out how long it is.

It is probably ridiculous and sentimental and unreasonable to be so proud of your five year old, but I just am.  Love that guy.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I have liked to get family pictures done twice-ish a year since we started having kids, because I am not that great of a photographer, and it is fun to see our family as it progresses.  However, some of my photographer friends have retired, or dramatically slowed down the amount of shoots they do a year, and most of my other ones are sort of expensive, so during law school, it has been something that has been pulled from the budget, at least for the mid-year shots.  However, even though I have no raw talent and almost no training, I have a pretty nice camera that takes pretty good pictures just on it's own, so I decided to try and take the kidlets to the park and get some shots of my newly minted three year old (she wasn't cooperating alone, so I took some of both of my sweets).

Dude.  The camera was on the wrong setting.  I am trying to get over it.  But here are a couple that turned out okay-ish.
The tragedy is that these exist, but so overexposed they are pretty much beyond saving.  They would have been so cute.  Sigh.

As Greg points out, I can always try again another day.  But it's a lot of effort to have two children clean at the same time on a day other than Sunday (heaven help me in October), so we will see when (if) it happens.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Me at 20 weeks.  I've said in a couple other places, but in case blogs are your preferred method of gathering information, it's a girl!
(Today I am 21 weeks.  Official due date: October 28th.)

Beach Insta

I am no friend of the beach's.  I find it cold and sandy.  We don't go super often, but my kids had been talking about it for a few days, so I promised that I would take them.  (I was hoping they would see what the beach really was, and lose their taste for it, because by the way they were talking about it, I could tell they thought it was more of a pool situation.)
Anyway, we went - I in long pants and a sweatshirt, by the way - and it was a glorious day!  When we got there it was a little chilly but not freezing, but within a half hour, the sun came out and it really warmed up.  I even ditched the sweatshirt.  And with three reapplies of sunscreen to my poor little whities, they even escaped without any sunburn!  (I got a one, sort of painful, but it barely even peeled.  Annoyingly, I am back to white white white skin.  I am not dying for tan skin by any means, but the discomfort of the burn might as well have given me a little color, if just to prevent me from burning next time.  Whatever.)
They didn't go in the water a ton, but they had a wonderful time in the sand, and we went to La Jolla Shores and sat right next to the playground, so we spent some time over there as well.  My cousin came with us and she played and played with the kids in the sand (thanks!).  I guess I will tentatively take back my bad attitude about the beach.  I'm still not gonna wear a bathing suit though.  Brrrr.

Butterfly Tea Party

Since brother started planning his astronaut party in like, December, Felicity has talked about what she wanted to do for her birthday for about as long.  Literally six months ago she said she wanted to have a butterfly party, and she hasn't wavered since that time.  I feel impressed by her ability to know her own mind at two and three!
 We did a relatively small party, since she is still pretty small.  Four friends from church, plus an aunt, an uncle, and a brother.  For the food I mostly kept it simple with some berries, cheese and crackers, little PB&J finger sandwiches cut like flowers, and apples cut like butterflies.  (I also made tiny cheesecakes, which were mostly for the adults, because there is no use wasting them on small people with inferior taste buds.)

We started out with a little butterfly coloring, as we were waiting for our friends to come.  We also had little butterfly wings for each attendee.
 Our second activity was a chrysalis race, where we wrapped the girls in cocoons.  I saw it online, and it was a cute idea, but some of the kids were pretty freaked out by the concept.  Not the most fun they ever had, poor little girls. 

 Then pinata.
 My girl.

 Opening gifts.
 I love how at this age, opening presents is a team sport.  Little friends.
 Some reading.  (She has been sleeping with that card since the event.)

 Her most beloved nursery leader dropped by in the afternoon after the party, and brought her a most wished for toy horse.
 Allie and Spencer made her purple goop (pictured above in the top picture).
 We love our little family.

Flissy is three

My darling girl had her third birthday on May 11.  She knows her birthday (if you see her, ask her, because she says it pretty cutely), but lately has been asking if she can tell people its just "all May."  She's a chip off her aunt's block.

On the day, I had a baby shower to attend out of town, so I took her with me so I didn't have to ditch out on her on her birthday.  Daddy and brother were at the Father-Son campout.  We enjoyed ourselves on the loooong drive through LA and at the party, and at the only-slightly-less-long drive home (remind me to never besmirch San Diego traffic again.  Driving in LA is like passing through the nine circles of hell.)

When we came home, we had her gifts (a cash register and a shopping cart) from us and Charlie, and then we went to her choice of restaurant, Souplantation.  We told them it was her birthday, and people kept bringing us packages of the Souplanatation cookies.  We went home with three bags.
My sweet girl loved her birthday.  We love her to pieces.  She is so smart, and sweet, and funny, and beautiful, and sassy, and difficult.  She keeps us all on our toes, and keeps us smiling.

Here she is, ready for her birthday butterfly tea party, which we had a couple weeks later.  My sister, in grand tradition, took 181 pictures of the party, so I'll do a separate entry for the party.
Love, love, love that girl.