Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Thanks to all the lovely sweet comments, on my blog and otherwise, about our impending excitement.  It's fun to hear from friends far away, and I feel like blogs are either no longer really read, or everyone just does readers (me too), so no one leaves comments.  Anyway.  It was fun to share our news with everyone.  (Those who hadn't guessed already based on my extreme illness, and the purchase of a van.)

I am now just over 14 weeks, and finally feeling better.  From the time I discovered I was pregnant until quite recently, I have been horribly sick.  We had been hoping to get pregnant for a while, and I have thought I was pregnant several times over the last year or so.  And February was the first month in a year where it never occurred to me.  I was on my way home from work one day, and I had to pull over to the side of the road to throw up.  Twice.  And I mentioned to a girlfriend that I was annoyed that I was coming down with the flu.  And she pointed out that I should probably check, and I was totally pregnant.  Funny how timing goes.  And as you can see based on the last post, the timing is really quite perfect.  We are happy.  (By the way, the van purchase was not the desired timing.  It came right after we put all our money into paying for the bar and bar prep.  But whatever.  It's how things worked out, and we got a really good price on it, and it is my favorite thing I have ever bought.)

So anyway, the sickness.  I have never felt like that, ever.  In my whole life, before this pregnancy, I have had someone take my kids so I could convalesce once.  Last summer, when I had pneumonia.  (To be fair, I have a lot of family that lives nearby, so I have been able to go over to my mom's or my grandma's and sack out on their couch while my kids ransack their houses.  And most certainly my kids have watched hours of TV while I have been sick or somehow not up for a day of parenting.  It isn't like I am always 100%.)  Anyway, after this, I have had basically every person I know take my children.  A lesson in humility, that.  I actually lost a significant amount of weight (I won't go into details on here because it's kinda tacky, but I was getting to the point where it was a little worrisome, but I luckily have reversed it now that I am feeling better, and I look forward to the rest of the pregnancy being uneventful and uninteresting.


tawnya said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick! No fun!

Laynie said...

Congratulations! Being sick with kids has got to be one of the worst experiences ever. Glad you are feeling better.