Sunday, May 26, 2013

Busy Busy

It feels like there has been lots going on around here.  But I'm not sure I really have that much to report... I just feel like things have been busy.  A few updates.

Greg started the bar prep course right away after graduation, and we expected it to sort of ramp up to the craziness for the bar (it is July 30-August 1, by the way), but that has not been how it has gone so far.  The website says something about the homework being 4-12 hours a night, and at the time I laughed.  What kind of range is that? But in any case, he is doing 12+ hours a day (including the classes), but generally gets home in time to say goodnight, so we get to see him most days.  I think we are feeling pretty confident so far.  He also got his grades back from last semester, and he had his best semester ever.  He got the top grade in the class in two of his classes, one of which was Estate Planning, which is one of the types of law he plans on practicing, so that seems pretty good.  He also made the Dean's list.

The kids and I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago for our last hurrah before our passes expired.  It was fun (we went with some friends) but I got thirty six phone calls for work that day.  THIRTY SIX.  Before 4pm (when my phone died, from so much call use).  It was insane.  Anyway, so I felt bad for the friends who were with us who had to keep going on without me while I took a call (or thirty); my kids don't really mind because they are used to my day being choppy due to work because it's just part of working from home (obviously it's a pretty serious perk that I can even do things like take my kids to Disneyland or wherever during the week), but that day was really sort of ridiculous.  Here we are, enjoying that last day!
I got a haircut.  I would have taken a better picture, but I didn't have a chance that day, and then the next day rained, so my cute hair didn't get to stretch to a second day, and I haven't been able to recreate it since, so this shot I took for my sister while at a red light is what we've got.  Thanks Andrea!
My Flissy turned three this month!  I will have further pictures and details about her birthday and her sweet face.  She is sort of my little shadow.  Always right on my heels and at my hip.  She is my little sunshine and I just love her to pieces.  More on her shortly.
My little guy just finished 100 days of preschool, and his 100 day project needed a collection of something.  We tossed around a few ideas, and his freckles are what we decided on.  I was happy because I love his freckles, and I know eventually they won't necessarily be his favorite things, so we got 'em while he still doesn't mind them.
One of his best buddies moved away (his daddy also graduated from law school, and they went back to Colorado to study for and take the Colorado bar).  Here are the two friends on Ollie's last day.  And I went to a seminar a few weeks back for work, and they gave out magnifying glasses for the favor.  Best day of my little guy's life.

Greg took Charlie to the Father-Son campout.  I don't think anyone got much sleep, but it was the highlight of Charlie's year.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There is so much to say about law school, and I am not ready to sum up yet.  I somehow have the law school version of PTSD, which caused me to fall apart at the graduation, and have words fail me now.  (I have a lot of friends who have gone through law school, or an equally challenging educational or vocational training, or have put their partner through.  Someone tell me I am normal.)  Since Greg starts back on the 2nd for bar prep, I am going to just suspend anything about it until after that.  In order to maintain perspective, apparently the class is 5 hours per day, 5 days a week (with a few Saturdays and Sundays in there) and then you should expect 2-7 hours of homework each day.  So they say it will be like 7-12 hours, 7 days a week, for three months.  It's gonna be like first year all over again, but it is so temporary, and if it means he passes the bar the first time, it's worth it.  In the meantime, we are proud and relieved that Greg made it this far.  He is officially done with his juris doctorate degree!

Water Motorcycle

A few weeks ago my sweet nephew turned five, and my brother and sister in law decided to trek down to San Diego and do some beach time for his birthday.  They rented a seadoo for the day.  I was freezing, and a little sick, but the cold weather didn't bother my littles.  Uncle Ken carried them out to the "water motorcycle" and took them around the bay.  Best uncle ever.  We somehow didn't get a picture of all the kids, or of the birthday boy, but I think there are more pictures that will be posted sometime by his mama, so I will add them later!


Thanks to all the lovely sweet comments, on my blog and otherwise, about our impending excitement.  It's fun to hear from friends far away, and I feel like blogs are either no longer really read, or everyone just does readers (me too), so no one leaves comments.  Anyway.  It was fun to share our news with everyone.  (Those who hadn't guessed already based on my extreme illness, and the purchase of a van.)

I am now just over 14 weeks, and finally feeling better.  From the time I discovered I was pregnant until quite recently, I have been horribly sick.  We had been hoping to get pregnant for a while, and I have thought I was pregnant several times over the last year or so.  And February was the first month in a year where it never occurred to me.  I was on my way home from work one day, and I had to pull over to the side of the road to throw up.  Twice.  And I mentioned to a girlfriend that I was annoyed that I was coming down with the flu.  And she pointed out that I should probably check, and I was totally pregnant.  Funny how timing goes.  And as you can see based on the last post, the timing is really quite perfect.  We are happy.  (By the way, the van purchase was not the desired timing.  It came right after we put all our money into paying for the bar and bar prep.  But whatever.  It's how things worked out, and we got a really good price on it, and it is my favorite thing I have ever bought.)

So anyway, the sickness.  I have never felt like that, ever.  In my whole life, before this pregnancy, I have had someone take my kids so I could convalesce once.  Last summer, when I had pneumonia.  (To be fair, I have a lot of family that lives nearby, so I have been able to go over to my mom's or my grandma's and sack out on their couch while my kids ransack their houses.  And most certainly my kids have watched hours of TV while I have been sick or somehow not up for a day of parenting.  It isn't like I am always 100%.)  Anyway, after this, I have had basically every person I know take my children.  A lesson in humility, that.  I actually lost a significant amount of weight (I won't go into details on here because it's kinda tacky, but I was getting to the point where it was a little worrisome, but I luckily have reversed it now that I am feeling better, and I look forward to the rest of the pregnancy being uneventful and uninteresting.