Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top Chef

Every few weeks at Charlie's school, they do an enrichment activity, and you can sign your child up to stay after school and do the activity.  We haven't done very many of them, but when they announced a cooking class in early March, I signed Charlie up right away.  He is always bugging me in the kitchen, and attempting to touch hot things.  He came home with a delicious pasta bake (which he refused to eat most of, but the rest of us enjoyed it).  He also said that Miss Cheri had told him he should have his own coking show, but I'm not sure anyone wants to watch the pickiest eater alive make food.  His show would probably be entertaining, at least, if not terribly diverse.


Nicole said...

hee hee! That's funny :)

ferntyler said...

that is pretty funny, because the child of mine that has said she really wants to have her own show (and who actually enjoys watching cooking shows) is Lauren, who is the most picky eater in the universe! Luckily for her she will try most treats, so I'm sure she would just bake treats all the time :)