Thursday, April 11, 2013


We got invited to a friend's house for an Easter egg hunt.  Because we are slow, and not morning people, we were a few minutes late, and got there after the hunt had already started.  I was thinking about friends who have gone to parks and things for Easter egg hunts, and the eggs are gone after thirty seconds, so I was prepared to tell my kids that we would do another egg hunt later, before I discovered that there were still literally hundreds of eggs hidden.  I think there were over 900 hundred eggs!  So, the kids got plenty (PLENTY) of eggs, and had a great time visiting with friends.  There were also sack races and the egg on the spoon race.  In general, a great time.
For actual Easter morning, we did eggs with "privileges" in them, since they had already gotten a ton of candy eggs from the hunt the day before, and with more candy to be had at Grandma's house later, we figured the privileges were plenty.  And since my kids are obsessed with earning privileges, and devastated when they loose privileges (I don't even have to be specific.  I threaten the genre of "privileges" and they generally fall into line), we thought this would be good.  They were most excited to see coupons for 15 minutes of "quiet" (read: iPad) time, extra songs and stories at bed time, and ice cream dates, so it seemed to work.  They still are unaware of what other people do for holidays, so when we stay low key, they don't know to mind!
After church we took approximately 47 picutres of them in their Easter outfits, and these were pretty much the best choices.  They are kinda cute, I guess, but I had to walk away when I started getting mad that they wouldn't look at me and JUST FREAKING SMILE.  I was like "wait a minute.  Is this day not a day to focus on the Redeemer and my eternal salvation?  Is this really a good day to turn into the mom from the black lagoon?"  So, I am proud to say I gave up, and didn't start yelling, and took what we got.  And it really is good enough.

After going to Grandma M's house for years and years, and certainly every year since my kids have been born, I can't believe I forgot to take any pictures of the little egg hunt there, and also the annual pinata.  (If you aren't a regular/long term reader of my blog you may say "Easter Pinata?"  and I must answer, without other explanation "yes.")  But, we did those things, and Charlie was even the child to bring the pinata down this year, which is an ever exciting occasion.  When my kids became the biggest kids on that side of the family, I'll never know (they have older cousins, but some live far away and were sadly not with us this Easter, and one is occasionally with other family on holidays, so she wasn't there this Easter either.)  We also went to Grandma H's house for dinner.

In general, we had a very nice Easter; my kids were able to answer basic questions about what Easter is "really about," and Felicity kept the chocolate off her dress until after church, so I'm going to call it a win!

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