Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A girlfriend texted me recently and told us about a little farm in Del Mar that runs pony rides a few times a week.  So we joined her and her littles to check it out.  It did not disappoint.

When we first got there, Felicity saw the pens with the big horses, and went over to investigate.  The horses were about halfway out (you can kinda see the other horse in the background) but when she walked up, this horse came running over to her.  You can tell that people bring carrots or something for these guys.  They love people.  She walked back over several times and this sweet horse came over every time.  It was basically the best day of Felicity's life.
 Then we went over to the pony area.  It was just us and our friends (two little girls) so Felicity took one pony and they took the other.
 The proprietor was the gentleman who was leading Felicity around on the pony.  He was just a delight.  He was so sweet and laid back, and just let Felicity enjoy herself (although he did keep calling her "Serendipity").
 After she rode around for a while, she wanted to give her friend a turn with her pony, so she went and explored around a little bit, and then went back for one last round.  (This pony's name was Katie.  After her nap that day, she hopped out of bed declaring that she had dreamed of "her Katie.")
 Also at the farm: goats, a HUGE turkey, geese, chickens, guinea pigs (Felicity called them mini pigs), a rabbit, ducks, a dog, and a cat.  They let you sit in the pens with the rabbit and the guinea pigs and just commune with the animals (and touch them if they get close enough).  It was such a fun activity for my girl and me while Charlie was at school.  We'll have to go back on a weekend when Charlie can join.  Ted said that on Saturdays they saddle one of the horses and the adults can take a turn.  I have never been on a horse and I'm eager to try sometime!

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