Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barrister's Ball

We have gone to law school prom every year since Greg has started school, and it continues to be basically the only thing I like about law school (joke.  sort of.)  So this year was our last year.  I wore the dress that Greg bought me for Valentine's Day.
The below pictures aren't my favorite (I like the more forgiving instagram filtered one) but they show the whole dress.  I have been planning on wearing the dress to church as well, but I haven't gotten my hair to look cute like I did that night, and I haven't felt like wearing the dress with my same boring hair.
 Instagram version:
A girlfriend did my hair for me.  You can see it a little better here.  Ignore the wild eyes.  It was a busy day I guess.
 Here are a couple of low-lit phone pictures from the event.  One is me with one of my law school wife friends, Melanie.  And the other girl you might recognize.  My sister went to the prom!  She has a gentleman friend from church who goes to CWSL, and asked her to the dance.  So we got to run into each other several times.  (No fewer than three people asked if we were biologically related.  Ha.)
They had a photographer there, who grabbed a couple shots, and I know for sure got several of Greg dancing (when you see Greg dancing you sort of can't help but watch, and take photos.  He's the best.) and with whom we actually grew up, so since we know her, we feel like the chance that we will actually ever see those photos to be high.  So hopefully, I will be able to post some of those in the next few weeks.

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Amanda said...

Cute! Prom is the ONLY think I miss about law school. Cute dress and I love the gold shoes.