Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

After many years of just decorating a Christmas tree, and otherwise not going big into holidays other than the traditional celebration, I have sort of started enjoying holidays by making crafts and doing activities with my kids.  At Christmas we made a bunch of things together, and we all had so much fun, that I decided that my intense dislike for making things was sort of misplaced.  So, we did some more fun things for Valentine's Day.  Here are a couple of the things that we did:

I had seen countless of the "make your own crayon" tutorials on pinterest, but I hadn't really planned on doing it until I was at Ikea recently with my sister and I saw the silicone trays that you use to make them (they are a dollar, and they are originally ice trays, but once you use them for crayons, you pretty much can't get the wax out, so they are eternally crayon trays.)  So, since I was at Ikea, and since they were a dollar, I picked up the tray, and a box of crayons at the dollar store (I didn't want to break up our regular crayons, in case it was a bust), and we went for it.  The kids had fun and they really liked seeing how they turned out.
I liked them so much, I decided to use them for the Valentines that Charlie passed out to his classmates (he calls them classmates, which randomly cracks me up.)  So my sister whipped up a quick print (she made one for Felicity too) and Charlie taped the crayons on, and passed them out.  He also wrote each kid's name on the back, a process that took about five hours (he kept getting tired of writing.  Eventually he will just sit down and write for longer than ten seconds, right?)
The night before Valentine's I thought my kids would be wildly surprised and pleased if they got a little heart surprise in the morning.  So, I cut out some hearts (I used cookie cutters for the hearts, and I had some twine that I got as a favor at a wrapping party last year) and dangled them.  They were so happy, and thrilling them with little things is pretty much the best part about having kids.
Earlier in the month I also made this to hang up.  In our entryway we have a big space that is perfect for birthday banners and stuff, so I have started acquiring banners for holidays (I bought one for Christmas, and then made this one.)  Cookie cutters for the shapes again.  I thought it turned out pretty fun.  (I have discovered that my crafting talent falls exclusively in the "cut things out of felt" category.)
I decided to put "Be Mine" as the wording, but let me assure you, "Fax Me" was equally considered.

 Here are my little Valentine's.
I had a nice time with my grown-up Valentine too.  He let me sleep in, and then he planned this whole big thing for the day after Valentine's Day, where we were to go to dinner and the movies.  He planned the whole thing in secret, but I was pretty sick that week, and still sick on Friday (I finally got some antibiotics on Friday.  So did Felicity.  We are all feeling better.) so we ended up staying home for dinner, and then going to just the movie.  As a gift, he got me a dress to wear to law school prom in March (he knew my three finalists and picked one, and even consulted my sister and got the right size!) and also went and got my car detailed while I was at work (people who drive two children around know about how sick the upholstery gets after a little while.)  Further Valentine's Day happiness included my getting a (extremely well-deserved, if I do say so myself) raise at work.  =)

Since our date didn't go as planned, and I was sort of a sick wreck to the part we did do, I don't have a picture of us.  But, here is one from a few weeks ago.
A couple years ago, my parents and a few of my siblings went to a Styx concert at Pechanga.  I forget why Greg and I didn't go (I am sure it was something about Felicity still being pretty little at the time) but we had joked that they didn't invite us.  After the concert, my mom called and said "that was the best show EVER, you guys really missed out!" and we have been teasing her about her delicacy since then.  So, when I saw a billboard saying that they were coming back (they do Pechanga every year, as it turns out), I texted her, teasing that she should take us this time.  I totally didn't mean it, but she called my mother-in-law, who was able to score us some free tickets, and we went to the show.  While Greg and I may have been a little younger than the other attendees, my parents were always big Styx fans, so I grew up on them, and I have their greatest hits album on my ipod, so Greg is now equally familiar with them.  So, we looked like we walked into the wrong concert, but we did have a great time.  They put on a really good show (we knew about 90% of the songs), and it has been kinda a long time since we have gone to a concert together (which I guess is sort of sad, since we used to go to shows together all the time) so we really enjoyed it.  Thanks to my mom for "thinking" of it, and to my MIL for getting us the tickets!  Great seats.


Stacy said...

you ought to mention how your children and i were valentines dates and stayed up watching romance movies. (i.e. Anastasia and talespin)

Kiersten said...

I love the banner and the crayons. I need to try that. Also, I love Styx! I grew up listening to it with my parents, too. Awesome. Sounds like a great Valentine's (minus the sick part; glad you're better). I need to put having my car detailed on my list of fantasy gifts...That would be awesome. Way to go, Greg!