Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 My little boy wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.  (Don't tell him about the space program in the US.)  (Specifically he wants to be an astronaut-firefighter-superhero-spy.)
This might be the craftiest I have gotten for a party.  I looked things up on the internet and made things and put this party together.  But, weirdly, I had very little stress about whether things were going to go well.  It was fun to do, and while I was putting it together, it helped to know that my boy was going to love it.  And he did.

The first game was asteroid toss.  I wrapped up some tennis balls in fabric (so the asteroids could have tails) and they tossed them into the two buckets.
Charlie looks like he is pouting, but I am pretty sure he wasn't.  He was passing out the asteroids with Greg and wasn't really playing, but I don't think he was being cranky. 

Felicity was doing this kind of thing the whole party.  She was trying to run the party.  Move the buckets around, make sure kids are in line.  This girl.
The second game was rocket launch.  Please allow these pictures to show you how many kids came to this party.  We invited so many, and almost everyone got to come!  It was great to have so many friends around us for Charlie's celebration.
Felicity, monitoring again.

 All the party people.
It wouldn't be an Ashcraft party without a riot over the pinata.  I forgot to give the kids their baggies, so when the pinata broke (I thought it would take several rounds of hits, and then end up with an adult breaking it, but it broke on the second to last kid to hit.) there was a serious scramble to start gathering candy, with no where to put it.  (For our previous pinata riot, review "kick the boot.")
 Charlie made the favor bags himself, with space stickers.  Included in the bags were little astronaut figures, moon sand, and astronaut ice cream.  Michael's was clearing out their moon sand stock for 50 cents each recently, so I grabbed them all, and I got the ice cream online for a moderate price.

 With five-year-olds, present opening is a full contact sport.  All the kids were so excited and sweet.  Everyone was so generous with Charlie, and he got so many great presents.
Love this little family.


Lauren said...

Felicity and I are kindred spirits.

Kiersten said...

So cool!