Thursday, February 7, 2013


We went to see Mo Willems up in LA this week for a reading and signing.  He read three books, did a few Q&A, and then signed everyone's books.  We got there early, so we were in the first group of singing, so it went really quickly once he got there.  (The car ride and then waiting for him to arrive were LONG with my two small children and my friend's two little ones, who also came, but it was totally worth it.)
 The reading was everything you would imagine it would be.  He was so fun.  At one point he went slightly off of what the book actually says, and a little girl who was reading along said "That's not right!!" and he said "well, I own the copyright, so it's fine."
The pictures aren't the best quality, because, as you can imagine from a guy who has to look at paper and then draw for a living, there was a very clear "no flash" rule. 

One of his series is the "elephant and piggie" books.  Felicity wore her pig ears (the nose is extremely stretched out, and I think originally was for an adult anyway, so it doesn't fit on her face; if you look closely, it's on as a necklace) while we were waiting, but she didn't want to wear them to meet Mo. 

 Doesn't everyone who meets a celebrity say "they seemed so small in person."  This seems normal for people who see people whom they would normally see on a movie screen or something, but i guess it is just the normal feeling for someone who is starstruck.  And, call me a book nerd if you want, but I totally was.  It was so fun seeing him in person!

PS, if you love children's books, or have children, I definitely recommend Mo's books if you haven't gotten them already.  I would say that any of the books are wonderful, but my favorites are the ones pictured here: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog and We Are In A Book.  The Cat the Cat books are good for small people because they are rhythmic and your child will memorize them quickly and then "read" them to you, which is nice.  He has a few series (Pigeon, Elephant and Piggie, and Cat the Cat), but I love the books that stand alone as well, especially Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.  I would have gotten that one signed, but they didn't have it in the store, and I didn't bring my own because I thought I would look like I was shoplifting or something.

PS2, if you are a Mo fan and don't follow his blog, and love blogs, you should check it out.  The monthly fan mail posts are my favorite.


tawnya said...

We are so incredibly jealous! Our favorite is Can I Play Too? and are HUGE Piggie and Elephant fans. Sigh. Just such great books!

Kiersten said...

Ahh! That is so cool! I really want him to come to the Provo Library's Family Literacy Symposium, but no luck so far.

Courtney Amanda said...

So cool! Lovelovelove those books. He's seems like such a great guy :) Awesome pics!

Maren said...

So fun!! You are such a good mama to make the trek up there!

Stacy said...

love Moe. sad that naked mole rat couldn't get signed!!!!

jessica said...

I knew he would be such a wonderful author in person! So awesome!!