Sunday, February 10, 2013

Couple more shots from January

I am going to need to get back to regular picture taking, because my phone camera broke, so even my instagramming has been slowed down (I occasionally get a picture or two with Greg's phone) but here are a few pictures from last month.

After watching Little Women with my little lady, I decided to try a french braid.  I always lamented the fact that my own mama couldn't french braid, and I was always looking for people to french braid my hair.  (Since I was in marching band, I could usually get someone to do it before shows because it was the generally accepted way to get the hair easily inside the shanko (yes, the freaky hats are called shankos...although I just googled it so I didn't say so if I was actually remembering wrong, and google doesn't support me, so someone in marching band stand up for me), so at least during football games and competitions I could get someone to french braid it, but after BEING in those shankos, you were washing your hair right away afterward, not showing off your french braid.)
Anyway, I have never french braided, but I basically knew the concept, so I just sort of threw it together and I was really, really, really (probably unreasonably) proud of myself.  And here it is.
The behind the scenes story to this, is that right after I braided and photographed this side, I went to do the other side and I could NOT figure out how I had done the first side.  So, I looked up a tutorial, and now I actually DO know how to do it.  I have been french braiding it several times a week so I don't forget how.  She mostly behaves for me while I do it.

And then one more of my girl. 
I think I have said before that I sometimes worry that I have a few more pictures of my girl than my boy.  As other mamas can confirm, it is mostly just a fluke, not any underlying reason, except for this fact: this girl is like my shadow.  She is always, always with me, and half the time actually attached to my legs (she is still very much a mama's girl), so she is pretty easy to photograph.  However, just for the record, my little Charlie is just one of my favorite people ever.  Anyway, probably no one but me even notices or tries to make sure it is moderately even, but I worry about these things.  So, in the interest of (almost) even-ness, here are a couple with my sweet boy.


Melanie said...

Love Flissy's french braid! In junior high I loved to wear my hair in a french braid. I have so many memories connected to this, I think I will do a blog post. As a fellow band member, I can tell you that the hats were called shakos (without the "n"). Google confirms this.

Rachel said...

I knew I could rely on my bloggie friends!! Thanks.

Stacy said...


Chelle said...

Yes they are shakos. I remember them with disdain lol I cannot do a French braid for the life of me, luckily not having girls it isn't a big deal. I do occasionally get French braids done by my mom still (it is easy since we live with my parents) when I do volleyball with the ward or we are going somewhere where my hair needs to be out of the way. I hated the shakos because I had too much hair (still do)and even in a French braid (or high bun) they never fit my head well so I was always squeezed.

Rachel said...

That's funny Michelle, because you were one of the people I was sort of remembering as having done my hair in band!! Must have been someone else.