Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review

I have so enjoyed reading several of my friends' "year in review" photoblogs, so I decided to put one together myself.  I tried to stick to one or two photos per month, but some months were just too exciting to have one picture only.  =)

Started out the year with happy, healthy kids; Charlie started practicing his letters.
Charlie turned four and Felicity got her ears pierced.
Spencer came home.  Felicity dislocated her elbow and spent several days in a sling before a specialist could pop it back in (her delightful arm rolls prevented the regular urgent care from putting it back in for us.)  Charlie started playing pee wee soccer.
Greg got through finals and finished his second year of law school, and then set out for Mississippi for a sales job.  First we enjoyed a nice Easter, complete with egg hunt.
Felicity turned two.  Charlie promotes from his play group preschool.
Charlie officially starts swimming (Felicity quickly follows) and Daddy returns home after two long months away.  We spend almost every other Monday night of the summer at the beach, bonfire-ing with friends.
Felicity discovered how to get out of her crib.  We put in some serious cousin time at a week in Coronado.
 Felicity discovered how rewarding going potty on a toilet was, as she received a marshmallow when she did (still not totally transferred to the world of underwear, but the process started in August) and we enjoyed three days at Disneyland as a family before Greg started his third and final year of law school
First day of preschool!  Greg and I enjoyed our birthdays.
 The acquisition and death of their first little goldfish, Charlie's first field trip (to the pumpkin patch), and Halloween.
Attended a Charger's game with my brother, and Charlie played a pilgrim at his Thanksgiving play at school.
We had a great Christmas with family.

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ALSO: favorite aunt moved only 20 minutes away.