Saturday, December 29, 2012


My kids saw Santa a couple times this year actually.  Church party, Disneyland, my work party.  After they visited with him so many times, I suddenly realized that probably it could have been confusing for them.  The last (fourth) time they went to see him, Charlie decided he needed to ask him for a different gift this time.  But he had forgotten that idea when he was faced with the big guy.
These were some of the better pictures of them visiting with Santa Claus, taken at the church Christmas party.
It hadn't occurred to me before - but Charlie doesn't miss much - he asked on Christmas Eve why he couldn't say awake to see Santa come.  After all, he had visited with Santa several times already that month.  He knew what he looked like and what he did, and how it all worked...  I must admit myself a little stumped at this discrepancy in logic, but Greg mumbled something about it taking up too much time on Christmas Eve to talk to all the kids when he is in a hurry and for mercy's sake GO TO SLEEP.  (Eventually he did.)

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