Friday, October 19, 2012

Final beach pictures

I posted Lauren's pictures from the Coronado vacation a few weeks back, and promised more when I could steal my sister in laws..... she posted (the last two posts were smatterings from what she put up.  I am lucky that she happens to love taking pictures of my children, as well as her own darlings) so here are the last of them.

My brother was burying his son in sand (per his son's request). 
 Felicity did not approve.
Apparently she actually went and tried to stop Ken from doing it even.  Cute.

Cousin fun.

 Slack line.
 Trying to pose these girls.
 Sparring.  I see this so constantly... and yes, usually, it is Felicity doing the beat down.  Sigh.
 Okay.  I paddle boarded.  This is pretty much the only photo because I made Tristen promise to delete any bad pictures of it, and I fell off, a lot, but here is proof!  The least athletic girl in the world!  (Admittedly, getting into my brothers TINY wetsuit was possibly more physically taxing... but paddleboarding was way more frightening.)  It was extremely fun.  And wetsuits.... those things aren't a myth.  I was not at all cold in the water.  I loathe being cold, so I was pleasantly surprised.  (And, yes, that was my first time in a wetsuit.  I told you, I am the least athletic girl in the world.)

Oh, and final note: Charlie was pretty much unpictured because he is with Corban and running away from the adults, but he was there, had lots of fun, and is totally cute.


Tristen said...

Exact quote from Felicity to Ken was, "HEY!" in her most concerned voice. She meant business. And yes, sorry Charlie and Corban were hard to catch, I hadn't even noticed that they weren't in really any of the pictures! Sorry Charlie!

Stacy said...

you are looking HAWT in that unitard!!!!