Thursday, October 25, 2012


 We went to a birthday party the other day, and the parting gift was a goldfish.
 Once at the fair, my sister said we should let the kids play one of the games where you can win a goldfish, and I said absolutely not.  She said "why, it will die in a couple days anyway."  That was the point.  I knew the fish would die.  I didn't feel like taking my kids through the drama.

Anyway, we got this fish.  Charlie named it Felicity.

It lasted less than 24 hours.


Charlie has asked me a couple of times when Jesus is sending his fish back, all better.  We're working through the stages.

Decorating Pumpkins

 One dollar section at Target yielded the solution to pumpkin carving... it's a mess, and the parents have to do it, but this way the kids did it all themselves, and there was no mess!  And they were pretty proud of themselves.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Our little mermaid, and the black ninja.  (And he is not just a regular ninja.  He is a black ninja.  A specific brand of ninja, apparently.)

Conference Boxes

Kept them contained while we watched conference... at least some of the time.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Final beach pictures

I posted Lauren's pictures from the Coronado vacation a few weeks back, and promised more when I could steal my sister in laws..... she posted (the last two posts were smatterings from what she put up.  I am lucky that she happens to love taking pictures of my children, as well as her own darlings) so here are the last of them.

My brother was burying his son in sand (per his son's request). 
 Felicity did not approve.
Apparently she actually went and tried to stop Ken from doing it even.  Cute.

Cousin fun.

 Slack line.
 Trying to pose these girls.
 Sparring.  I see this so constantly... and yes, usually, it is Felicity doing the beat down.  Sigh.
 Okay.  I paddle boarded.  This is pretty much the only photo because I made Tristen promise to delete any bad pictures of it, and I fell off, a lot, but here is proof!  The least athletic girl in the world!  (Admittedly, getting into my brothers TINY wetsuit was possibly more physically taxing... but paddleboarding was way more frightening.)  It was extremely fun.  And wetsuits.... those things aren't a myth.  I was not at all cold in the water.  I loathe being cold, so I was pleasantly surprised.  (And, yes, that was my first time in a wetsuit.  I told you, I am the least athletic girl in the world.)

Oh, and final note: Charlie was pretty much unpictured because he is with Corban and running away from the adults, but he was there, had lots of fun, and is totally cute.

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These babies

 My little people make me so crazy...and so happy.  I just love love love them.

Photography by Kristin Fuller.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Were you wondering?

I just wanted to share a couple photos and a few updates.  (The photos are mostly from instagram because I have my phone much more handy than my camera, and my phone camera has a big crack in the lens, so I have to crop all the pictures after I take them, and instagram makes a handy little square crop that gets rid of the big line that would otherwise be in the photo.)
This daughter never obeys me.  Like, ever.  Unless what I want her to do is something the already planned on doing.  In which case, I cannot TELL her that I agree with her or she will cease doing what I want her to.  I cannot praise her until after she has completed the task.  (Example: when I tell her good job for eating her dinner while she is chewing the last bite, she immediately spits the bite out.  This is a true story.)

Do you see that sass?
But my, oh my, is she fun.  And funny.  She is bright, and sweet, and spunky.  She will do anything to make others laugh (already).  She loves her little friends.  One of her little friends is a couple months younger than her, and occasionally gets fussy during church.  (Not that it is really the being younger, because goodness knows this one gets fussy in church regardless of of being almost-two-and-a-half.)  When she hears her little friend she jumps up and says "GWACIE!"  She is certain that her friend needs her right away.  It is pretty funny.

She is tenderhearted.  She put Elmo to bed the other day before her nap.  She pulled out a few wipes and wiped down his furry bottom, put a dollop of diaper cream on him, and then popped a bobbies in his mouth and covered him up.
She loves her dolls and stuffed animals, and wants a little something to snuggle with in bed.  She doesn't require the same thing, and isn't particularly committed to any one stuftie above another, but Charlie never cared too much about what was in his bed, so needing to hunt down a few animals for her to pick between is a newish thing.  She also wants at least five pacifiers in her bed at all times.  (I know, I know, my child should not have a pacifier at this age.  Too bad, she's gonna.)
She calls her brother "my Charlie" and often wonders where he is during school, and generally is pretty sad to leave him there when we drop him off. 
She loves to sing the ABCs, Popcorn, and Twinkle Twinkle.  She will not perform on command.  She MAY perform a different song than you request though, so if you want to hear something, just ask her to sing something else.
This girl isn't much of a snuggler, but she loves to be in constant contact with me.  If I am cooking or doing dishes, her favorite spot is to be wedged between me and the cupboards, standing on my feet.  Even when we are not getting along, she wants me to be holding her or she wants to be dragging on my legs.  It's funny because when I discipline her, Greg thinks it is his time to swoop in as favorite parent.  She wants me, even after I have been the bad guy.  She is a serious mama's girl.
She loves choosing.  She wants to choose her outfits every day.  It is a serious decision for her too.  I have to threaten to not let her pick every single day before she finally chooses.  (She only picks the tops usually, so I can then choose something that matches, which is helpful.)
She thinks she should get a new coat of finger and toe nail polish, in a new color, every day.

This boy.
We get along.  He is like his daddy in so many ways, and his daddy being my favorite guy, it makes it easy to understand each other.
Although, he isn't always just a walk in the park.  (Don't even ASK me what happened at church last week.  And if you already happen to know, please do me a favor and forget it.  Or at least pretend it isn't me when you tell someone else "you will NOT believe what happened..."  Shudder.)
I cannot keep clothes on him past 1pm.  After he has gotten dressed for the day, the very first time he uses the restroom, he is stripped down to his skivvies.  Always.  He does leave his clothes on in public, but I don't fight it at home.  It's been hot anyway, right?
He loves to snuggle.  Every single night he wants to snuggle-bug before he goes to sleep.  This is 50% because he doesn't want to go to bed, but 50% because he loves having another human in bed with him.  (We don't actually snuggle with him at bedtime, but we do snuggle during movies or other activities.)
He loves school.  He is going to a preschool on site at an Episcopalian church with just delightful teachers and admins.  I love everyone there.  There are nine kids in the class, three of which are in Charlie's Sunbeam class at church (and did preschool at Miss Shauna's last year with him), so he knows and loves them already.  He came home from school having learned about amoebas the other day.  How precious is that?
He is a pleaser.  He doesn't always obey, but he will generally do what I tell him to do.  He doesn't always make the right choices, but he will if I am telling him what to do, if that makes sense.  Plenty of naughtiness, but it isn't "Charlie, go do ____" and him saying "No.")  If he gets in trouble, the worst part is having Mom or Dad be upset with him.
He is sloooooooow moving.  No hustle.  No hurry to do anything.  Ever.  He is a wanderer too.  I think these two things go together.  He goes missing in crowds sometimes, but I am never sure if he is just not keeping up, or if he is just so not-oriented toward his final destination that he meanders away.

I had a birthday.  It was pretty low key, like I like it.  Monday before we did a little family thing with yummy dinner and cake.  On my actual birthday (pictured as an official 27-year-old below) I had to work all day.  I had an early morning meeting at a seminar downtown, but they served this maple bacon that was a fabulous birthday present.  Then, a girlfriend took me out to lunch, and I took myself and the kids to dinner, because I didn't feel like cooking after working all day on my birthday, and Greg had late class.  I had tons of calls, texts, facebook posts, emails, and general birthday wishes, which was definitely the best part.
After Greg got home we watched "Pretty in Pink" and also pictured are the purple pants my sis got me for my birthday.
In general I have been really busy with work, but busy is good, I suppose.  It it supposed to help the day go faster, but on the days I am home with the kids and working, I might not mind the day being a little more lethargic.  =)  But busy is good.  I got pneumonia a few weeks ago (I know.  Pneumonia in August/September in San Diego is totally ridiculous), but I am feeling better now.  There were a few angels in my life who helped me with my kids and dinner so that I got some truly excellent sleep.  I sometimes joke with Greg that I would like to be in a quick coma.  Just a week or so.  If I were unconscious, I couldn't feel guilty for neglecting my children and housework, and yet, I wouldn't need to do anything (plus I always joke that it would probably cause me to lose 15 pounds or so).  Anyway, the pneumonia knocked me on my back for a little while, and my house was a disaster, but my friends and husband came to my aid (he cleaned pretty much the entire downstairs AND the cars on one of the days I was sick), and it turns out pneumonia is better than a coma (except for the 15 pounds).

Also, this guy.
(This is not a recent picture.  It his him cropped out of a picture that I like of all of us from the pumpkin patch last October.  But he needed a photo of himself to put in the school newspaper for an article he wrote, and I could not find very many photos where he wasn't making a face.  And so I had to go back further and further in time, and I saw this one, which I happen to like a lot.  So I am tossing it into the mix.)

His recent news: started his first day of his last year of law school.  The plan is as follows: graduate law school in April.  (SO SOON!)  Study like a maniac.  Take the bar in July.  Pass.
(A lot of people ask us about contingency plans in case he doesn't pass.  While we generally don't entertain the thought at all, if he doesn't pass in July, he will take it again in February.)
Once he is done taking the bar, he will start working at the Ashcraft Firm (although not giving any legal advice, which he will refrain from doing until he is sworn into the bar).  Eventually, he will take over as the main attorney.

Anyway, the future is near.  But for now, he is taking a full class schedule, but several of his units are an internship at a sole practitioner downtown who does estate planning.  Unlike many of his classmates, his internship doesn't seem to be mainly just about getting free labor.  The attorney is really nice about involving Greg in every area of the business so he can really see how things go from start to finish.  He is planning on adding estate planning to the repertoire of the Ashcraft Firm as soon as he starts working there.  Also, added bonus, the attorney is having Greg write our estate plan as practice.  So we are getting a free estate plan out of the internship.

Other than his internship, he has classes 3 times a week, but nothing too taxing.  He is busy, but the stress level is significantly lower than in the last two years.

He also had a birthday.  We kept things small as well, but I got him (us) a new bed!  We have had the same mattress for 7 years, and it was starting to wear out.  Plus, our bed frame was broken.  It was the IKEA one and if you aren't familiar, they have these slats that go across the bottom of the bed, and you set your mattress on top.  The slats were wearing out, and the bed was generally breaking, so any sudden movements cause your side of the bed to go crashing to the floor.  Being awoken by a sudden crashing is NOT a pleasant experience.  So, we have needed a new bed, but we were holding off because we wanted to get a King size at some point and we didn't really see the point of buying a new queen when we still wanted to upgrade.  So, I saved up for a few months, bargain hunted like a maniac, and got it for us.  For now it is just the mattresses on the floor (we are just that classy), but we have so much room!  =)
So, there you have it.  All you have been wondering about this family.